Executive MBA Faculty

Learn from Experts and Influencers

Expertise means so much more than just knowledge. It means possessing an energy, business insight, and forward-looking point of view, and Goizueta’s got it in spades. Our world-class faculty are thought leaders across their fields, not content to stand behind a lectern and teach. Their breadth and depth of knowledge keep them active specialists in their arenas, solving problems and influencing decisions for some of the top businesses in the nation. They are committed to sharing their experience with working professionals.

Faculty Teaching In the Program

The value to faculty of working with business people is that they can actively blend students' experiences, perspectives, and actual work challenges into daily teaching, creating more relevant and meaningful discussion and learning. Add to this that our students learn across a broad offering of topics, and you’ll find an ideal environment for optimal knowledge acquisition and application. Encompassing the perfect blend of knowledge, research, and experience, Goizueta faculty demonstrates an unmatched spirit for mentorship. For personalized academic and career advice, look no further than our prized and accessible faculty, who are dedicated to your success.
Karl Kuhnert
Professor in the Practice of Organization & Management and Associate Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine