EMBA Student Experience


Our Executive MBA is built to be the best of all worlds. Take full advantage of all that Goizueta has to offer while still balancing your career and personal life. Our program office helps you stay focused by managing the paperwork for you. That frees you up to dive into coursework, get to know your classmates, and plan your career next move.

An Executive MBA Built for You

  • Flexible Formats

    Our Executive MBA formats let you stay focused on your career while you level up your business skills. On-campus format: in-person every other weekend (Friday evening and Saturday full day). Hybrid format: six hours of online courses per week and join on-campus EMBA students for courses three weekends per semester. Online format: 100% online with six hours of online courses per week.
  • Family First

    Your family is part of the Goizueta family. We want them to feel at home. That’s why we host events like face painting and bowling nights. We also welcome partners to accompany you on the off-campus immersions and non-academic activities. You'll not only build a strong professional network but a close knit community of friendship and support.
  • Personal Program

    There’s no one right way to build your Executive MBA. Tailor your coursework to one or more functional or industry-based areas through our array of elective courses and dive deep into an area of interest in an immersion experience. Paired with 1-on-1 executive coaching and a personal career coach, a Goizueta EMBA focuses on better business and a better you.

Rini Fredette EMBA

At Goizueta, we believe that a woman's place is in leadership. Whether you are looking to advance in your current work or seek out new, more challenging opportunities, a Goizueta MBA can open the door to new possibilities. Here, you'll find a supportive community, and we provide range of professional and personal development opportunities throughout your MBA program tailored to the unique challenges you will face as a woman in business.

  • Student-Alumni Mentorship
  • Graduate Women in Business
  • Center for Women at Emory

We are proud to be an active participant in a variety of organizations and initiatives that support and promote women in business. You'll gain access to these and other organizations and resources that help get you there and support you along the way.

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We Are Here to Help

Taking on an Executive MBA on top of everything on your plate is big commitment. We get it. That’s why our program office handles the paperwork so you can focus on the coursework. We’ll create the schedule for your core courses, get you enrolled, distribute your class materials, provide on-campus meals, and arrange your boot camps and immersions.

The Emory Student Experience

  • Growing Professionally and Personally

    April was looking for professional growth and was surprised how much the Executive MBA helped her also grow personally. She felt the most rewarding aspects of the program were the immediate changes in her ability to influence others at work and her evolution as a professional from week to week.
  • Opening Up New Possibilities

    Happy with his career in the consulting industry, Nelson wanted to expand his knowledge base to explore additional consulting opportunities. He says the program stretched him and his classmates in a way that helped them learn and grow faster as both a team member but also a leader within his organization
  • Becoming More Competitive

    Looking to gain a competitive edge within her company, Assi chose Emory because of its top ranking, the world-class faculty, and the diverse cohort. She's discovered that adding new knowledge and skills and applying them in a safe environment has been beneficial to her career.