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As Goizueta Business School alumni you are business and community leaders who live and work in every corner of the globe. We encourage you to be involved with our strong and growing network of more than 23,000 alumni.

Goizueta Alumni Board Executive Committee

2022-2023 Goizueta Alumni Board

The mission of the Goizueta Business School Alumni Board is to provide a representative alumni body that will advise and work collaboratively with the Goizueta Advancement and Alumni Engagement Office to promote close ties among alumni, to provide lifelong learning and leadership opportunities, to develop alumni support for Emory’s fundraising efforts, to strengthen constantly the relationship between the alumni and the school, and to facilitate alumni participation in the University and its mission.

The Alumni Board is made up of alumni representatives from all the degree programs, representing a variety of class years, geographic regions, as well as a broad range of professional experience. The Alumni Board supports a number of strategic initiatives, such as the Student-Alumni Mentor Program and Goizueta@Work, designed to engage GBS alumni in professional development and giving back to the Goizueta community of alumni and students.

  • Qaadirah Abdur-Rahim 11EMBA
  • Rashida Burnham 14MBA
  • Jessica Chod 09MBA/JD
  • Edward Dearborn 16EMBA
  • Eric Freedman 00BBA
  • Willi Freire 19BBA
  • Jason Harlow 10BBA 14MBA
  • Jodi Harvey 03MBA
  • Emily Anne Jacobstein 13MBA
  • Graham Jaenicke 14MBA
  • Ted Kim 97BBA
  • Lauren McGlory 16MBA
  • Patrick McBride 14BBA
  • David Israel Mendez 15MBA
  • Brian Moore 07EvMBA
  • Jason Payton 12EvMBA
  • Deborah Perantoni 00EvMBA
  • Ainsley TeGrotenhuis 05MBA
  • Paul Towne 07EvMBA
  • Aaron Weiner 15BBA
  • Chuck Vieau 09EMBA
  • Trey Winter 20EMBA

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Goizueta Student-Alumni Mentor Program

One-Year MBA Students

The Goizueta Student-Alumni Mentor Program is a long-standing tradition of the Goizueta Business School having been around for nearly two decades. The goal of the program is to help business students--BBAs, MBAs, MSBAs, Evening and Executive MBAs--bridge the gap between the academic and professional world through the practical insights, coaching, and experience of the worldwide Goizueta alumni network.

The objective is to provide both our student mentees and alumni mentors an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships that promote career progression and advancement. Student mentees and alumni mentors are matched one-to-one based on a unique set of criteria. The academic-year program allows for students to have an alumni resource as they complete their studies at Goizueta Business School.

2021-2022 Mentor Program


  • Paul Towne 07EvMBA
  • Aaron Weiner 15BBA


  • Week of August 24 – mentor information sessions offered
  • Week of August 30 – mentee information sessions offered
  • Week of September 27 – applications close for the year
  • Week of October 18 – kick off session for the program
  • Week of April 25 – program conclusion

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Goizueta Affinity and Network Groups

Are you interested in networking with other Goizueta alumni with similar affinities? Goizueta alumni are organized by several existing professional affinity and interest groups.

The mission of the Executive Women of Goizueta (EWG) is to create a community that facilitates, promotes, and inspires personal and professional leadership for Goizueta women. EWG hosts a variety of annual events designed to help Goizueta women encourage each other to remove barriers, promote diversity, and develop into stronger leaders. These events include an annual conference, a speaker series featuring business and academic experts, as well as networking opportunities and discussion forums.

EWG Leadership

  • Tara Sconzo Halfon 14EvMBA (President)
  • Nicole Rife 16EvMBA (Vice President)
  • Danielle Donnelly 17EMBA (Past President)

Membership is open to Goizueta alumnae, current Executive or Evening MBA students, and BBA grads with professional experience. The organization has no dues and events are open to all. To make sure you are on our mailing list or to get more information about EWG, please contact us, or follow us on social media to receive event announcements.

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Goizueta Alumni Awards

Outstanding Recent Alum
Aaron Weiner 15BBA

Alumni Service Award
Qaadirah Abdur-Rahim 11EMBA
Grace Hwang 14MBA
Aditya Rao 08MBA

Distinguished Alumnus Award
Colleen Pritchett 02MBA

Past Alumni Award Recipients


Beginning in 1995, this award provides recognition of an alumnus/a who has demonstrated significant service to Goizueta Business School and/or Emory University.

  • Mr. R. Clinton Smith 82MBA
  • Mr. Steve T. Leth 81B
  • Mr. Steven A. Levine 83B
  • Mr. James B. Carson, Jr. 61B
  • Ms. Margaret C. Reiser 83B
  • Mr. Russell E. Ford 81B
  • Mr. Philip S. Reese 66C 76B 76L
  • Mrs. Andrea Joy Casson Galiano 88B 93B
  • Mr. Solon P. Patterson 57B 58B
  • Mr. G. Wildridge Holden 72B
  • Ms. Ellen Agnor Bailey 63C 87B
  • Mr. Robert G. Pennington 74Ox 76C 81B 81L
  • Mr. Ron H. Bell 70B
  • Mrs. Tara Whitehead-Stotland 93B
  • Mr. Bill Brosius 85B
  • Ms. Lynda Smith 86B
  • Mr. Morgan “Mac” Schuessler 98B
  • Mr. Jeff Quentin Booth 84B 94B


Beginning in 1999, this award provides recognition of an alumnus/a who has graduated in the past five years and has demonstrated outstanding service to Goizueta Business School and/or Emory University or success in business or community service.

  • Mr. Marc Farfel Adler 95B 96B
  • Mr. Roger Barnette, Jr. 98B
  • Mrs. Melissa McCoy Howard 96B
  • Mr. Morgan “Mac” Schuessler, Jr. 98B
  • Mr. Javier Jasinski 01B
  • Mr. Gardiner Wingfield Garrard, III 99B
  • Mrs. Karri L. Hobson-Pape 00B
  • Mrs. Sarah Cooper O'Brien 03B
  • Mr. Lyle B. Fogarty 03B
  • Ms. Joanna Weiss 04B
  • Dr. Lynn Labuda 09B
  • Mr. David Tuder 06B
  • Ms. Tao Bu 05Ox 08B


Beginning in 1984, this award provides recognition of an alumnus/a or friend of the school for lifetime achievement in business and ongoing commitment and service to Goizueta Business School and the community.

  • Mr. S. Russell Bridges, Jr. 33B
  • Mr. J. Coleman Budd 50B
  • Dr. Arthur T. Dietz Mr. Lynn H. Johnston 50Ox 52B
  • Mr. John W. McIntyre 51B
  • Mr. William H. Hightower, Jr. 34B
  • Mr. Solon P. Patterson 57B 58B
  • Mr. Edward P. Gould 53B
  • Mr. Earl Dolive, Sr. 40B
  • Mr. John D. Abernathy 59B
  • Mr. James B. Carson, Jr. 61B
  • Mr. H. Eugene Caldwell 48B
  • Ms. Ellen Agnor Bailey 63C 87B
  • Mr. Buell G. Duncan, Jr. 50B
  • Mr. Jean A. Mori 63B
  • Mr. James L. Ferman, Jr. 65B
  • Mr. Hugh M. Tarbutton 52Ox 55B
  • Mr. John W. Spiegel 65B
  • Mr. John A. Shields 64B
  • Mr. J. Neal Purcell 61Ox 63B
  • Dr. James M. Hund
  • Mr. Charles H. Jenkins, Jr. 64B 65B
  • Mr. Alan J. Lacy 77B
  • Mr. Ralph F. Martino 73B
  • Mr. Rick M. Rieder 83B
  • Mr. Clyde A. Rodbell 49B
  • Mrs. Olga C. de Goizueta
  • Mr. John F. Morgan 67Ox 69B
  • Mr. Harry Gilham 51B
  • Mr. Larry Westbrook 61B 63B
  • Mr. Duncan Niederauer 85B
  • Mr. Andrew Serwer 84B
  • Mr. Vladimer Iraklis-Dze Gurgenidze 93B

Ways to Get Involved

We encourage you to get involved with our strong and growing network of more than 23,000 Goizueta alumni. There are countless ways to get engaged as an alum and below are just some of the opportunities available.

  • Serving on a Homecoming or Reunion Committee
  • Serving on a Class Gift Committee
  • Being an Emory Day of Giving Ambassador
  • Mentoring a current Goizueta student
  • Sponsoring an IMPACT project
  • Being a Showcase Day judge
  • Recruiting our students
  • Guest lecturing or speaking to student groups
  • Participating in Goizueta@Work
  • Serving as a judge for the John R. Lewis Racial Justice Case Competition
  • Serving as Smart:ME mentor
  • Hosting an event

Interested in any of the following activities or want to learn more?

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For more information or to sign up to receive meeting invitations, contact the Office of Advancement and Alumni Engagement with your name and class year.