Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

DEI Mission

Goizueta Business School endeavors to be the leader among business schools as a place for thriving and growth for every person without exception, allowing us to attract, develop, and engage the best talent and equip members of our community and our partners to be principled leaders in a diverse society.


  • Enrich Our Community

    Exposure to cultural knowledge with an aim of increased self-awareness
  • Reflect Broader Society

    Achieve a composition of our faculty, staff, and student body that fully reflects the broader society
  • Improve Equity

    Inspire our community members to leverage the power of diversity to improve equity in business and society

DEI Initiative Highlights

DEI Research Highlights

Guiding Principles

  • Strategic

    Goal-oriented and coherent, each action should reflect our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mission and goals.
  • Structural

    Cutting across the fabric of Goizueta, diversity, equity, and inclusion is integrated into everything we do and how we operate.
  • Sustainable

    Looking beyond ceremonial or quick fixes, our decisions and actions must have long-term effects.

Statement of Values

The Goizueta Business School values diversity, equity, and inclusion for every person without exception. This commitment uplifts individuals, enriches communities, and advances our mission to prepare principled leaders for the challenges and possibilities of tomorrow. Individually and collectively, we promote accountability, respect, and altruism throughout our institution. Informed by Atlanta’s history and Emory University’s place within it, our purpose is built upon positively influencing the world of business, an aim inextricable from positively influencing society itself.

DEI Strategic Leadership

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