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Fresh Insights on a Company Challenge

Partner with a team of Goizueta students and faculty to finally solve that problem that has kept you up at night. You bring the problem and we’ll put our best minds on it. Our top-ranked faculty oversees a small team of students ready to build on the knowledge, skills, and tools they’ve learned at Goizueta. You gain new, creative perspectives, implementable solutions, and access to rising leaders as we work together to push through the questions to get to decisions and actions.
  • Goizueta IMPACT Annual Clients

    (MBA Student Projects)
  • MSBA Practicum Annual Clients

  • Undergrad Student Teams for Annual Clients

    (BBA Capstone)

What Makes A Good Project?

  • Goizueta IMPACT (MBA)

    We’re looking for a problem: the type with no one clear answer; the type that may require weighing the input and objectives of multiple stakeholders, integrating multiple functions, considering multiple disciplines and alternatives, all while managing uncertainty and risk. We’re looking for the type of problem that balances all those variables yet still requires a timely decision or action.
  • MSBA Analytics Practicum

    Challenges requiring business data scientists, meaning people who speak the combined languages of technology, business, and data, are perfect for our MS in Business Analytics students to tackle during their spring semester.
  • BBA Capstone

    Ideal BBA Capstone projects allow students to tackle a real-world challenge for a firm using key communication tactics, providing strategic ideas across channels such as social/digital media and traditional branding. Deliverables feature student presentations with tangible recommendations and visuals to articulate their data findings and suggestions.
  • Analytical Finance Projects

    We provide faculty to help frame the problem and its scope and guide our talented student teams to deliver viable solutions to your company project.

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Project FAQ

Prior to the project launch, expect to spend a few hours with the faculty who will assist with defining the problem statement and project scope. Depending on the program, you may meet as few as 3 times or as often as weekly. Meetings can take place virtually, or in person, based on location.

In projects where a fee or donation is assessed (MSBA and Goizueta IMPACT), these monies are reinvested into the program to cover program costs.

All our students, faculty and staff working with the team sign non-disclosure agreements as well as a data protection agreement (where applicable).

We welcome companies outside of Atlanta and will set up virtual meetings for you and your team.

The company owns the intellectual property rights to the final deliverable.

Problem Solvers