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Students enter Goizueta’s top-ranked MBA programs as bright, inquisitive, hard-working, nice people and graduate with the knowledge, experience, and humility leaders need to help their organizations climb to the next level of growth and success. Not surprisingly, Goizueta MBA graduates are in high demand. We’re here to bridge the relationships between your company and our ready-to-go executive talent.
  • Best Full-Time MBA

    Financial Times, 2021
  • Average Base Salary & Bonus

    Two-Year MBA Class of 2020
  • MBA Graduates Employed

    Within 3 Months of Graduation

Recruit MBAs

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    You can quickly, effectively, and affordably attract some of the brightest emerging leaders in business today by posting open positions on our GradLeaders portal.
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    Our graduates are “Day One Ready” through client-focused projects, hands-on leadership training, coaching, and immersive global exposure.
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    You can access all the résumés—current students and alumni—in Goizueta’s database to find exactly the set of skills, strengths, and expertise you need.

MBAs Face-to-Face

We host several large annual recruiting events:

  • Goizueta Career Connection is our annual networking event for 400 students, alumni, and business partners to build relationships. Afternoon events are ideal for meeting future interns; evening events are perfect for finding full-time talent.
  • The Summer Networking Event is the time to meet One-Year, Evening and Executive MBA students before the official start of Fall Recruiting.
  • The Spring Career Fair allows direct interaction with Goizueta Alumni and MBA students at all levels of Goizueta's programs.
  • Treks are visits to companies in Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle in which 100 first-year students concentrating in Finance, General Management, Healthcare, Marketing, and Technology visit participating companies to learn more about the industry, company, and internship opportunities.

2021-2022 MBA Recruiting Calendar

  • July 16: Summer Networking Event for Class of 2021 (One-Year & Working Professionals)
  • Aug 27: Company Presentations and Events Begin
  • Sept 7: Labor Day Holiday (No Recruiting)
  • Sept 15: Class of 2021 Resume Book Available
  • Sept 18: Full-Time Interviews Begin
  • Sept 23-25: National Black MBA Conference (Limited Recruiting)
  • Sept 28: Religious Holiday (Limited Recruiting)
  • Nov 25-27: Thanksgiving Recess (No Recruiting)
  • Dec 1: Full-Time Offer Deadline

  • Aug 27: Company Presentations and Events Begin
  • Sept 7: Labor Day Holiday (No Recruiting)
  • Sept 11: Goizueta Career Connection - Meet Your Future
  • Sept 8-10: Class of 2022 Exams (No Intern Recruiting)
  • Sept 23-25: National Black MBA (Limited Recruiting)
  • Sept 28 - Religious Holiday (Limited Recruiting)
  • Oct 1: Class of 2022 Resume Book Available
  • Oct 19-21: Class of 2022 Exams (No Intern Recruiting)
  • Nov 25-27: Thanksgiving Recess (No Recruiting)
  • Dec 7-11: Final Exam Week (No Recruiting)
  • Jan 6: Internship Interviews Begin
  • Jan 18: Martin Luther King Holiday (No Recruiting)
  • Feb 26: Internship Offer Deadline

Class Profile

Average Work Experience
5.9 years
GMAT (80%) Range
Class Size
150-180 students

Policy FAQ

We ask employers to inform students of their status within two weeks of receiving the application bundle. We also ask that companies inform students of their status within two weeks of their interview. Please allow reasonable time to schedule follow-up interviews. Please also communicate the status of each applicant and next steps to the appropriate member from the Career Management Center.

Any offers made to first-year students should remain open until February 21, or a minimum of three weeks after the date of the written employment offer, whichever is later.

For students who have completed a summer internship with your company, please provide students enough time to make their decision. This allows students to evaluate their employment opportunities, therefore making the wisest decisions for all parties, ultimately reducing renege and attrition rates.

Any offers made to first-year students should remain open until February 23 or a minimum of three weeks after the date of the written employment offer, whichever is later.

An official job or internship offer should be in written form and contain the position title, salary, start date, and work location. Note: We advise employers to demonstrate flexibility and a willingness to allow students adequate time to make a sound and informed decision; students respond better to these interactions than ones in which they feel pressured.

If you are required to revoke a job offer that a student has accepted because of changing conditions within the company, the student is entitled to a fair and equitable course of action including but is not limited to: financial assistance and outplacement service.

Students are urged to immediately release offers they do not plan to accept. Reneging on an offer is a serious violation of The Emory Career Center's policy and results in the loss of all alumni and career services privileges for the student.

Please inform the Career Management Center of all employment offers (internships or permanent positions) extended to students. We strive to maintain accurate statistics regarding student job offers, acceptances and salary but can only do that if we’re kept in the loop. Your company employment records are kept strictly confidential and used only for statistical purposes.

Goizueta Offers Certificate of Advanced Leadership

Certificate of Advanced Leadership Allows MBA students to ‘Go Beyond’

Recruiters continue to share how important leadership skills are for employees to succeed in the workplace. Learn how Goizueta's newest leadership certificate option for full-time MBA students is helping ensure our graduates continue to be a cut above the rest.