Accounting Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting

Expand Your Career Options with Foundational Accounting Knowledge

Accounting is the language of business. Fluency in accounting enables you to understand business concepts, enhance your financial acumen, and develop critical skills to make complex decisions in a continually evolving business environment. This certificate affords non-business Emory undergraduate students the opportunity to become proficient in accounting topics to expand their career options.

  • Eligibility

    This certificate is available to Emory students enrolled in undergraduate programs outside of Goizueta Business School. Students with a business minor may enroll in this certificate.
  • Requirements

    Complete four courses: ACT 200 Accounting: The Language of Business and three accounting electives (see list of elective options below).
  • Credentials

    Earn a certificate from a top-20 business school and be prepared to sit for Financial & Managerial Accounting Associate certification.

Undergraduate Accounting Certificate Course Options

Complete four courses: ACT 200 Accounting: The Language of Business and three accounting electives from the list below.


Fall/Spring Courses

  • ACT 300 Business Analysis and Valuation
  • ACT 399 Strategic Cost Management


Fall Courses

  • ACT 399 Firm Fundamentals and Mispricing
  • ACT 399 Sustainability Measurement & Reporting
  • ACT 312 Financial Reporting of Operations
  • ACT 415 Tax Strategy
  • ACT 420 Accounting Analytics: Insights for Actions
  • ACT 438 Corporate Political Strategy
  • ACT 450 Accounting for Mergers & Acquisitions


Spring Courses

  • ACT 325 Financial Reporting of Debt & Equity
  • ACT 330 Personal Financial Planning
  • ACT 399 Ledgertech: Blockchain and Crypto Assets
  • ACT 499 Machine Learning for Fundamental Analysis
  • ACT 499 Compensation & Management Control
  • ACT 516 Government & Nonprofit Organizations*
  • ACT 618 Auditing*


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*Graduate level courses require faculty approval.

Expanded Career Opportunities

Young accounting professional

Employer Demand

There is growing demand from employers, particularly in governmental agencies, NGOs, and for-profit businesses, for employees that have not only rich liberal arts backgrounds but also understand business concepts and have financial acumen. Gain a competitive advantage over students from other universities with similar degrees by earning Goizueta’s Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting. Career services for all Emory College students, including those pursuing the accounting certificate, is provided by the Emory College Career Pathways Center.

Declare the Certificate

Goizueta Business School

This certificate is not open to Goizueta BBA students but is open to students pursuing a business minor. You must declare the certificate for it to appear on your transcript. Students who have officially declared the certificate will be eligible to be enrolled in the listed accounting courses via the Goizueta Registrar during pre-registration.

Have Questions?

Want to learn more about the certificate? Contact Jeff Byrne, Assistant Professor in the Practice of Accounting.