Growth Leadership Academy

There’s a whole new world of Growth to unlock

Accelerating technology trends, utilizing big data, increasing environmental responsibility, managing remote teams, building purpose – to grow and gain a competitive edge in this landscape, a new playbook is needed.

Growth Requires Discipline

“Growth requires a discipline because getting growth, sustainable growth, is not that common."

- Francisco Crespo
Senior Advisor, BCG; former Chief Growth Officer, The Coca-Cola Company

Emory Executive Education's Growth Leadership Academy

"Technology and society’s expectations both disrupt and create opportunities for business.”
- Nicola Barrett, Chief Corporate Learning Officer, Emory Goizueta Business School

Accelerate the Development of Your Growth Leaders

We spoke with executives across the Fortune 500 landscape to learn about the challenges they are facing in both enhancing their core business and driving new business growth.

The Growth Leadership Academy is the result of extensive market research into those factors and experiences. Our program takes your growth leaders “in the rough,” wherever they sit in your organization, and builds, strengthens, and hones their capabilities so they become true growth change agents.

Growth Leadership Academy

Where Does Growth Come From?

"Leaders need tools to look at the market fresh, and try to see the opportunities that others are not seeing."

- Omar Rodríguez-Vilá
Professor in the Practice of Marketing; Academic Director of Education, The Roberto C. Goizueta Business & Society Institute

What Makes The Growth Leadership Academy Unique?

“The experience of practitioners with faculty is the perfect marriage for creating real knowledge that is applicable and relevant."

- Rebecca Messina
Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Co.; former Global Chief Marketing Officer, Uber

This learning experience is not about leveraging executives as the occasional guest speaker. Instead, the Growth Leadership Academy has been co-designed with faculty and master executive practitioners who have lived this and have been highly successful in driving growth in Fortune 100 companies.

Growth Leadership Academy Learning Journey

The Growth Leadership Academy accelerates the development of future growth leaders through a carefully designed learning journey that combines assessments, masterclasses, and hands-on workshops, led by both faculty and master executive practitioners.

Growth Leadership Academy timeline

The Academy Learning Pillars

The topics and frameworks you'll learn in order to unlock and lead new growth in your organization.

SEE Opportunity

See core and adjacent growth opportunities

  • Understanding the Environment
  • Discovering Unmet Customer Needs
  • Insights from the Customer Experience
  • Mapping the Growth Opportunities



Design offerings with a market edge

  • Finding White Space
  • Innovating for Growth
  • Customer-Centered Problem Solving
  • Building a Customer-Focused Strategy



Plan and manage marketplace execution

  • Driving Customer Demand
  • Enabling Integrated Market Execution
  • Setting Your Growth Metrics


LEAD Growth

Become a more effective growth leader

  • Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion
  • Finding Meaning
  • Planning for Pivots
  • Building Growth Coalitions

Academy Features

  • Virtual-Friendly

    Program includes engaging virtual experiences with diverse activities that allow distributed teams to participate without safety concerns
  • Practitioner Focus

    We bring together elite-level subject matter experts to guide classes and workshops and provide critical real world perspectives
  • Modular Content

    Our program is divided into a set of modules that ensure focus on the areas of need specific to your organization

We Are There to Be a Partner in Your Growth Development

Robert Kazanjian

"To do this well, executives must understand where new ideas come from, the barriers to innovation, and the challenges around selling a new idea internally.”

- Robert Kazanjian
Asa Griggs Candler Chair & Professor in Organization & Management; Academic Director of The Roberto C. Goizueta Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Who Is This For?

Business worker with mask

"Anybody who sees their current role and future career not through the lens of a function, but through the lens of an outcome.”

- Omar Rodríguez-Vilá
Professor in the Practice of Marketing; Academic Director of Education, The Roberto C. Goizueta Business & Society Institute

The Growth Leadership Academy is for any organization who is focused on finding new, profitable, demand-side growth. The Academy is designed for teams of managers and executives, functional or cross-functional, to work on real initiatives and learn how to make growth happen.

Growth Leadership Academy Advisory Board

Why Goizueta Executive Education?

Business workers with masks

When we engage with organizations we help them look beyond the status quo. We work together to design and realize a version of the organization that can adapt, grow, and take advantage of new opportunities.

Our new Growth Leadership Academy is built on these same ideas. We recognize that the landscape has changed and that the playbook for effective leadership needs to adapt.

We’re defining a new approach to propel leaders and organizations today and for years to come.

Pricing & Dates

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Growth Leadership Academy Details

Program Start: January 2022
Program End: July 2022

1 Person: $12,000
2 People: $11,400 / Person
3-6 People: $10,800 / Person
7 or More: $9,600 / Person