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2O36: The Future Starts with You

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2O36 inspires investment in people for the benefit of people, bringing the Emory community together to build on our mission to serve humanity through knowledge. We
believe in the power of business to transform. But we can do more, reach more, build more — together. Together, we will connect, transform, and innovate the world of business for the better.

Anything But Business As Usual

Roberto C. Goizueta

Roberto C. Goizueta, our namesake, once said: “Business schools today cannot just reflect business the way it is. They must teach business the way it will be.” We took his words to heart. We’re here to change old ways of thinking and to create a new world of business—one where people and profit both count. We seek to transform leaders, organizations, and industries through business that puts people at the center. As one of the nation’s most elite business schools, our research strengthens companies. Our strategies save industries. And our people are revolutionaries. To do all that and more, we need you. This is the way we do business.

This Is What It Takes To Be At The Forefront Of Business

  • Student Scholarships

    Recruiting and retaining the world’s best, brightest, and most diverse business students from across the nation and around the globe is central to our continued growth and commitment to push business forward.
  • Faculty Professorships

    It’s critical to attract and retain high-quality faculty with unique skillsets and industry expertise. To do that, we must aggressively invest in our faculty—both present and future—because the best faculty launch the best students.
  • Data Analytics

    As organizations increasingly rely on data to drive decisions, our degree programs and research combine business, data, and technology in solving business challenges and shaping graduates to be data-savvy leaders.
  • Business & Society

    We focus on commerce as the creator of economic value while also delivering on our commitment to addresses complex challenges confronting people, the planet, and the business community.
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation

    By fostering discovery, entrepreneurship, and early-stage investing, we take a multi-disciplinary approach supporting our students as they develop their ideas to solve today’s challenges and create tomorrow’s opportunities.
  • Leadership Development

    Principled leaders drive value beyond the bottom line. That’s why leadership skills are infused into every aspect of our programs and experiential leadership opportunities are a hallmark of the Goizueta experience.
  • Flexible Resources

    The student experience is central to Goizueta's mission and the Fund for Excellence provides flexible resources to respond quickly to shifting need to create opportunities that enable students to flourish.

The Future Starts With You