Information Systems & Operations Management Faculty

The ability not only to account for but also leverage digital technology and novel operating practices is a critical qualification for corporate leaders. This is particularly evident given that resources and technological skills crucial for competition are increasingly outsourced and offshored. The ISOM area seeks to distinguish itself as a group of high-impact scholars who bring thought leadership to understanding, explaining, and shaping these issues. Faculty in the Information Systems & Operations Management (ISOM) area study systems and processes that define the operating and information practices in firms, markets, and society. Globalization and emerging digital technologies have and continue to transform the structure, form, and governance of these systems and processes.

Research methods employed in ISOM research include theory-building, analytical and computational modeling, empirical work through archival and survey data, as well as experimental approaches. ISOM's rising prominence in the academies is apparent in their numerous publications and editorial roles at top journals such as "MIS Quarterly," "Journal of Operations Management," "Information Systems Research," "Production and Operations Management," "Management Science," "Journal of MIS and Manufacturing and Service Operations Management."

Ramnath Chellappa
Associate Dean & Academic Director of Master of Science in Business Analytics Program;Goizueta Foundation Term Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management;
Donald Lee
Associate Professor, Information Systems & Operations Management and Healthcare; Biostatistics & Bioinformatics