PhD Student Experience

Graduate Experienced

Since the fall of 2002, we've placed an emphasis on hands-on research collaboration between students and faculty. It's what makes our student experience unique. You'll find opportunities to network with the global business community of Atlanta before you even graduate. Join our PhD program and you'll see that's exactly what the student experience is made of: experience. Experience that comes early and often and pays dividends down the road.

Atlanta: A Dynamic, Global City

Downtown Atlanta

With corporate giants, tech start-ups, a highly-regarded restaurant industry, a thriving art scene, one of the country’s largest film destinations, and the world’s most-traveled airport, business is booming in Atlanta. You’ll have access to it all – academics, career opportunities, and at a lower cost of living than most other cities.

The Emory Difference

Emory Gate

As one of the highly regarded research universities in the world, Emory has a reputation based on the scholarly achievements of its world-class faculty, high-achieving students, top-ranked schools, and more than 70 cutting-edge research centers — all placing our school in the top 20 best colleges by U.S. News & World Report. In addition to its international reputation, one of Emory's greatest strengths lies in the diversity of our students, faculty, and staff. As a community, we value differences and offer a variety of organizations, events, and programming that enables you to utilize your unique talents.

Accessible Professors

PhD students and faculty

Our faculty members are not only among the best and brightest in the world, they are also your accessible mentors. They've taught in some of the finest programs across the globe and earned their doctoral degrees from many of the most prestigious universities. Just as important are the companies with whom they've consulted, the research they're exploring, and the work they've published. You'll have the opportunity to perform research with faculty very early on in the program. By the end of your time at Goizueta, your professors will be more than just teachers. For most students, they become guides. Mentors. Friends.

Collaborative Community

PhD Students on the Green

You will find many opportunities to get involved in collaborative research with faculty in their area. After the first year, each student will be required to work as a research or teaching assistant to a faculty member for 10 hours per week. We encourage collaborative research with multiple faculty over the course of doctoral training. Working with several faculty helps students develop their own scholarly identity, which is critical for becoming an independent and creative thinker. We believe a collaborative environment produces the independence of mind and exceptional research competence that mark the truly successful scholar.

A Vibrant Community

Our PhD program annually receives more than 250 applications. These applicants are carefully screened. Our intent is to enroll bright, energetic, and creative students who wish to pursue a life in academe. Approximately 10 to 15 are selected for the highly-competitive program each year.