PhD in Finance

Creating Real Financial Impact

Financial economics encompasses micro-investment theory, economics of uncertainty, the role of financial markets and institutions, the regulation of financial products, firms and markets, the theory of the firm, and corporate governance. The field is unique among the social sciences in that it has had a direct and significant influence on practice.

Influencing Practice through Theory

The impact of the efficient market hypothesis, portfolio selection, risk analysis, and contingent-claim pricing on capital budgeting and money management is clearly evident. This impact is based both on developments of theory and on empirical tests of hypotheses that are made feasible by a large and increasingly accessible body of relevant data.

The doctoral program in Finance is designed to provide students with a strong course background in economics, statistics, and mathematics. In addition to classes, Goizueta features an extensive program of seminars and workshops at which current research will be presented by Goizueta faculty, faculty at other universities in the Atlanta area and at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and scholars from universities around the world. Students are expected to attend many of these seminars to gain exposure to ongoing research.

Finance Curriculum Timeline

  Fall Spring Summer
Year 1
  • Core/Area coursework
  • Business research modules
Core/Area coursework Core/Area coursework
Year 2
  • Core/Area coursework
  • Laney Graduate School teaching workshop
  • Jones Program in Ethics training & workshops
Core/Area coursework
  • Qualifying exam
  • Research paper
Year 3
  • Dissertation proposal
  • Teaching assistantship
Dissertation proposal Dissertation proposal
Year 4
  • Dissertation proposal
  • Candidacy
  • Teaching associateship

Dissertation research

Teaching business

Dissertation research
Year 5 Dissertation research
  • Dissertation defense
  • Graduation

Faculty and Published Work

The Finance doctoral faculty includes leading researchers in their respective areas, publishing in such notable journals including The Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Econometrica, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, and Journal of Financial Markets. Faculty members serve on the editorial boards of several top journals in Finance. They are involved in a number of national organizations, serving as consultants, collaborating on research, and holding corporate board memberships.

Finance Faculty

Finance PhD Students

Pursuing a PhD in Finance

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