Jeff Rosensweig is an associate professor of International Business and Finance. He is also Director of the Global Perspectives Program. Jeff specializes in global strategy, global economics, and international finance. Prior to joining Emory in January 1988, he was Senior International Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Jeff has also taught at M.I.T. and in the economics department and the School of Management at Yale University. Jeff's research into global trends leads to frequent keynote lectures to business and academic audiences. His current research focuses on three main topics. First --business linkages with the emerging global economy. Second -- the implications of globally divergent demographic trends for business. Third -- factors affecting competition in the global travel and tourism industry.


  • PhD
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MA
    Oxford University
  • BA & MA
    Yale University

In the News

  • August 22, 2016
    BBC News
    But as Jeffrey Rosensweig, a business professor at Emory University in Atlanta, points out, the culture of jumping from company to company to secure promotions doesn't fit with either UPS or Mr Abney. Instead people are loyal to the business, and the successful move around a lot internally. "It's a culture [at UPS] that has more in common with Japanese culture, or military culture, where, if you are doing well, they move you so that you learn more of the business," says Prof Rosensweig...
  • February 5, 2016
    Dairy Reporter
    There's a bright future for those in the dairy industry, according to a professor from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. Jeffrey Rosensweig, Director of the Global Perspectives Program at the school, told a group of dairy professionals at a breakfast session titled "The Global and U.S. Economic-Forecast: Implications for the Dairy Industry" at the 2016 IDFA Dairy Forum that the food and dairy industries have "a much brighter future than most industries." "The world is adding 77m people a year; don't listen to all the doomsday people about how the economy is slow," he said "Across the world wealth is being generated at higher [levels]."...
  • January 19, 2016
    Inventories “won’t drag us down into a recession,” Emory University Economist Jeffrey Rosensweig said at the SMC3 conference. “We’re not overstocked now, and in the long-term there will be a bit more of a downtrend,” he said. “We’ll see growth in consumption.”...