They come from all over the world to Change the World of Business

We’ve gone all around the globe in search of minds not bound by mindsets, old ways of thinking, or the status quo. Our faculty come here to push industries forward, solve today’s toughest business problems, and apply business knowledge to challenges facing us all. In research and classrooms, they go beyond because that’s how change is made.


Members of our faculty have a wealth of experience in industry and the classroom. They push our students to think bigger, dig deeper, and go beyond.


Revolution is our bottom line. We seek new ideas for doing business. We’re driven by scholarship that redefines. That’s why the work we do in our centers at Goizueta is vitally important. We’re at the cutting edge of thinking. Our goal: lead the way, create knowledge, and move beyond business as usual.

Business & Society Institute

Coffee growers

We make more markets work for more people, in more places, and in more ways. At the Business & Society Institute, we aspire to increase prosperity and reduce poverty by making markets more effective. Our research identifies factors that stand in the way of growth. And our fieldwork empowers emerging entrepreneurs. Together, we’re building better markets and stronger communities.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

At The Roberto C. Goizueta Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, we foster entrepreneurship and innovation born of critical inquiry, developed to serve fundamental societal needs, executed according to sound business principles, and conceptualized in ways that open possibilities and spark imagination.

Center for Alternative Investments

Larry Benveniste

At the Center for Alternative Investments (CAI), our mission is to be at the forefront of thinking and strategy about alternative investments from private equity to hedge fund and venture capital to real estate. Our work provides cutting-edge, independent intellectual support and learning opportunities for global Institutional Investors through research, conferences, and education.

Marketing Analytics Center

Emory MAC Conference

We help the world make better decisions through data and go beyond business analytics and into insight. The Emory Marketing Analytics Center (Emory MAC) focuses on science-based testing and cutting-edge analytical techniques including dynamic optimization, Bayesian statistics, structural econometrics, and field experiments. We’re training the next generation of decision makers.

John Robson Program for Business, Public Policy, and Government

Robson Conference

We strive to understand the relationship between business and government. The John E. Robson Program for Business, Public Policy, and Government is a non-partisan forum where we try to go beyond the issues and barriers that can block good business—from inequality to sustainability and rising populism to cybersecurity.