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Roberto C. Goizueta Business & Society Institute

Solving Society's Challenges Together

The Roberto C. Goizueta Business & Society is the new home for the faculty and staff of Social Enterprise @ Goizueta along with its programs. The Institute represents an elevated commitment by the Goizueta Business School to exploring how businesses can create long-term value while addressing the social and environmental challenges of our time.

New Name, Elevated Commitment

Wes 2021

Why we do what we do

Goizueta Business & Society Institute's Executive Academic Director Wesley Longhofer shares a summary of his remarks from the Institute's official launch event on 3.4.21 entitled "reimagining business to solve society's biggest problems."

Our Work

We deliver on our commitment to addresses complex challenges confronting people, the planet, and the business community:
  • Research

    We deliver cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that explores connections between business practices, market structures, and social outcomes.
  • Teaching

    We develop next generation principled business leaders equipped with systems thinking and problem solving skills through coursework and hands-on experiences including global travel modules, consulting projects, mentorship, fellowships, and more.
  • Programs

    We put research into action through innovative programs that create better markets and stronger communities both here in Atlanta and globally with a focus on microbusiness development, specialty coffee markets, and next generation leadership.
  • Convening

    We create spaces for dialogue, debate, and solutions through community events, practitioner conferences, and other activities.
  • Thought Leadership

    We create and share content that challenges narratives and inspires action including books, articles, op-eds, and more.
  • Relevant Study

    Social impact courses offered as part of social enterprise and nonprofit concentrations
  • Curriculum in Action

    Students enrolled annually across in social impact courses and Global Experiential Modules
  • Developing Talent

    Social Enterprise BBA and MBA Fellows graduates since 2014
  • Connecting Globally

    Accelerator programs from around the world participating in the Entrepreneurship Database program
  • Building Community

    Local small businesses accelerated by Start:ME since 2013
  • Knowledge Creation

    Research papers and projects initiated by faculty and students

2020 Impact Report

Impact Report

Highlighting Important Progress

Our 2019-2020 Impact Report highlights the important progress that the Institute and its partners have made in developing the next
generation of social innovators, creating cutting edge research informing business and society, strengthening Atlanta
neighborhoods through micro-entrepreneurs, and empowering Central American women farmers.


Erika V. Hall
Associate Professor of Organization & Management; Faculty Advisor at The Roberto C. Goizueta Business & Society Institute
Robert Kazanjian
Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Organization & Management; Academic Director, The Roberto C. Goizueta Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Wesley Longhofer
Goizueta Foundation Term Associate Professor of Organization & Management; Executive Academic Director, The Roberto C. Goizueta Business & Society Institute
Peter Roberts
Professor of Organization & Management; Academic Director of Specialty Coffee Programs at The Roberto C. Goizueta Business & Society Institute


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