PhD Careers

Sharpen Your Focus, Bring Clarity to Your Career.

Where can you go with a Goizueta PhD? Wherever you want. Our graduates have been invited to present their work and interview with some of the top schools around the world. They've left experienced and equipped to take on more influential roles at some of the best placements in the business, ready to have an immediate impact.

Job Placements

Recent graduates from our program have been invited to present their work and interview at schools such as University of Chicago, Northwestern, Harvard, Wharton, INSEAD, London Business School, University of Illinois, University of Texas, University of Florida, University of Georgia, Boston College and Georgetown. The list below outlines where our graduates placed upon graduation from our program.


  • Stephen Brincks (Finance) San Diego State University
  • Zhe Han (Marketing) Tulane University
  • Ai He (Finance) University of South Carolina
  • Bright Hong (Accounting) University of Iowa
  • Eun Hee Ko (Marketing) Northwestern University
  • Sarah Lee (Organization and Management) Dominica University
  • John Park (Organization and Management) Koc University
  • Cong Wang (Finance) Texas Tech University


  • Gorkem Aksaray (Organization and Management) Koc University
  • Pranay Jinna (Information Systems) SUNY - Albany
  • Hulya Karaman (Marketing) Singapore Management University
  • Lisa LaViers (Accounting) Tulane University
  • Zhenping Wang (Finance) University of Chicago Post Doc
  • Ning Zhong (Marketing) Penn State University


  • Li-Wei Chen (Organization and Management) Old Dominion University
  • Kiseo Chung (Finance) Texas Tech University
  • Shikha Jaiswal (Finance) University of New South Wales
  • Weishi Jia (Accounting) Cleveland State University
  • Badrinath Kottimukkalur(Finance) George Washington University
  • Xin Zheng (Accounting) University of British Columbia
  • Yuepin (Daniel) Zhou (Accounting) University of Illinois


  • Beth Fossen (Marketing) Indiana University
  • Hyeyoung (Hannah) Hah (Information Systems and Operations Management) Florida International University
  • Anthony Koschmann (Marketing) Eastern Michigan University
  • Melanie Millar (Accounting) Baylor University
  • Robert Mocadlo (Accounting) University of North Dakota
  • Roger White (Accounting) Arizona State University
  • Nuo (Norah) Xu (Marketing) Old Dominion University


  • Mengyao Cheng (Accounting) Boston College
  • Joonki Noh (Finance) Case Western University
  • Deidre Popovich (Marketing) Texas Tech University
  • Jingran Zhao (Accounting) Hong Kong Polytechnical University
  • Dexin Zhou (Finance) Baruch College


  • Jivas Chakravarthy (Accounting) Chapman University (now at University of Texas - Arlington)
  • Chirag Kasbekar (Organization & Management) Australian National University
  • Jung Yeon Lee (Organization & Management) California State University
  • Yanwen Wang (Marketing) University of Colorado (now at The University of British Columbia)
  • Quan Wen (Finance) Georgetown University


  • Maria Wieczynska (Accounting) Arizona State University
  • Donald Young (Accounting) Georgia Institute of Technology (now at Indiana University)


  • Astrid Fontaine (Information Systems) Chinese European International Business School (now at Porsche North America)
  • Abhishek Kathuria (Information Systems) The University of Hong Kong (now at Indian School of Business)
  • Chen Lin (Marketing) Michigan State University
  • Omer Cem Ozturk (Marketing) Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Omar Rodriguez (Marketing) Emory University (now at Georgia Institute of Technology)


  • Jongwoon Willie Choi (Accounting) University of Pittsburgh (now at University of Wisconsin)
  • David Kryscynski (Organization & Management) Brigham Young University
  • Laura McClelland (Organization & Management) Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Adina Sterling (Organization & Management) Washington University (now at Stanford University)
  • Maria Vulcheva (Accounting) Florida International University


  • Russell Jame (Finance) University of Kentucky
  • Paul Madsen (Accounting) University of Florida
  • Yue (Kevin) Tang (Finance) University of Florida (now at The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission)
  • Qing Tong (Finance) Renmin University of China
  • Vijay Viswanathan (Marketing) Northwestern University
  • Guiyang Xiong (Marketing) University of Georgia (now at Syracuse University)


  • Adina Barbulescu (Marketing) University of Tennessee (now at University of Michigan-Flint)
  • Scott Hayward (Organization & Management) Appalachian State University (now at Elon University)
  • Byoung-Hyoun Hwang (Finance) Purdue University (now at Cornell University)
  • Seoyoung Kim (Finance) Purdue University (now at Santa Clara University)
  • Marcus Kirk (Accounting) University of Florida
  • Chad Navis (Organization & Management) University of Wisconsin (now at Clemson University)
  • David Reppenhagen (Accounting) University of Florida (now at University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
  • David Tan (Organization & Management) University of Washington
  • Ivo Tafkov (Accounting) Georgia State University
  • Martha Tipton (Marketing) Singapore Management University (now at World Bank)
  • Sascha Vitzthum (Information Systems) Illinois Wesleyan University (now at fashion4Home)
  • Joycelyn Streator Ward (ISOM) Georgia Gwinnett College (now at Georgia Institute of Technology)


  • David Bray (Information Systems) Federal Communications Commission (now at National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
  • Yuanyuan Chen (Information Systems) National University of Singapore (now at University of Alabama)
  • Astrid Keel (Marketing) Auburn University (now at University of La Verne)
  • Roopa Raman (Information Systems) Clemson University (now at University of Dayton)
  • Jane Thayer (Accounting) University of Georgia (now at University of Virginia)


  • Suleyman (Cem) Bahadir (Marketing) University of South Carolina (now at University of North Carolina-Greensboro)
  • Rodrigo Guesalaga (Marketing) Pontificia Universidad Catolica (now at Cranfield School of Management)
  • Thomas Bowe Hansen (Accounting) University of New Hampshire (now at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
  • Eric Overby (Information Systems) Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Rachna Prakash (Accounting) College of William & Mary (now at University of Mississippi)
  • Aditya Sharma (Information Systems) NC Central University
  • Jade Sturdy (Marketing) University of Texas-Austin
  • Minyen Tan (Accounting) Singapore Management University (now at The Lukem Group)


  • Gerald Kane (Information Systems) Boston College
  • Kapil Tuli (Marketing) Singapore Management University