Executive MBA Courses


Expand Your Depth of Expertise

A top EMBA can be characterized by the impact and depth of its academic experience. Our globally-recognized Executive MBA provides you with the academic foundation and academic personalization that top business leaders need to stand out among the masses.
  • Core Courses

    Expand your business acumen
  • Elective Courses

    Personalize your experience
  • Program Immersions

    Global and Executive Skills

Executive MBA Core Courses

  • Data & Decision Analytics
  • Financial Reporting & Analysis
  • Global Business Practices
  • Goizueta IMPACT
  • Goizueta Plus
  • Managerial Economics
  • Managerial Finance
  • Marketing Management
  • Organizational Behavior & Leadership
  • Process & Systems Management
  • Strategic Management

Personalizing Your Academic Experience

The Goizueta Executive MBA gives you flexibility. Core courses are complemented by electives that reflect your industry and your interest, letting you tailor your education to your business goals. The result? A completely personalized MBA, all experienced from wherever you are in the world. Additionally, students can take electives from Goizueta's Evening MBA and Full-Time MBA programs and at other professional schools in the university (space- and faculty-permitting). Goizueta Executive MBA alumni can take up to three electives within three years of graduation. Popular electives include:

At a fundamental level, all strategies are based on two very broad options: Do what everyone else is doing, but spend less money doing it, or do something no one else can do. The former focuses on being more efficient than your rivals. The latter focuses on expanding the "pie" by staking out some sustainable position based on a unique advantage you create with a clever, often complex and interdependent set of activities (which some call a value chain or a business model).

We offer wide range of strategy electives. Some are more broad-based, focuses on say global strategy. Others deal with strategy within a functional area such as marketing. Students with a strong interest in strategy typically take more than the minimum number of electives to acquire greater depth and strategic perspective.

Strategy Electives

  • Advanced Strategy Topics: Linking Strategy, Finance, Operations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership & Lifework
  • Multinational Firms & Strategy
  • Negotiations

Executive MBA Calendar

Download a sample program calendar to understand the timing and flow of the Executive MBA courses and immersions.