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Leadership Development

Leading Minds

At Goizueta, leadership is more than a mindset. Leadership skills are central to business success. That's why we make cultivating these talents central to our MBA programs. The Executive MBA develops you as a holistic, principled leader through integrated learning, hands-on practice, and immediate feedback.

Advancing Your Leadership Abilities

  • Academic

    Throughout our courses and electives, you are exposed to the fundamental core values that drive principled, effective leaders.
  • Experiential

    We integrate experiential opportunities so you practice resilient leadership in real-life situations.
  • Reflective

    Woven throughout are opportunities for you to receive immediate and consistent feedback from coaches, mentors, faculty, and other students.

At Goizueta, we make sure you get the hands-on experience you need to succeed as a leader. The Leader's Reaction Course (LRC) is a unique experiential leadership opportunity that builds upon the programs and facilities of the U.S. Army at Fort Moore, Georgia that is used to train all the Army's Officer candidates. This course builds upon the programs of the U.S. Army for developing leadership. Throughout the day-long course, you will get an intense, hands-on experience that emphasizes learning through team-based problem solving, decision making, and effective communication skills.

We place participants in team-based leadership scenarios similar to those encountered by officer candidates for the U.S. Army and solving problems with guidance and feedback by leadership coaches. Formed into small teams, participants will overcome challenges, surmount physical barriers, establish plans of action, and execute their plan to solve a problem. After each event, the participants will execute an after action review to discuss what went right, wrong, and what needs to be improved. Through this feedback process and reflection, students can then apply their lessons in subsequent challenges.


Roberto C. Goizueta

"Leadership is one of the things you cannot delegate. You either exercise it, or you abdicate it."

Discover Your Leadership Style

Leader in Residence

Becoming a leader is a continuous process. A primary goal of our Executive MBA is to equip students with the tools necessary to reach the next level in their leadership potential. We believe successful leaders must have competencies in each of the following areas, and students learn these competencies in the classroom through a variety of tools:

• Cognitive - Strategic thinking and problem solving
• Behavioral - Leading others and communication skills
• Emotional - Self-awareness and understanding others
• Relational - Managing interpersonal relationships