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At Goizueta, we are here to help you define your future—wherever you may find yourself along your career journey. Extensive on-boarding, a collaborative cohort structure, an engaged alumni network, and robust career resources ensure your Executive MBA experience is a valuable one.
  • Average Salary Growth

    3 Years Post EMBA
  • Worldwide Emory Alumni

  • Students with a Dedicated Career Coach

Voices of Goizueta

  • Expanding Career Paths

    Designed for emerging executives and accomplished professionals, you'll tailor the EMBA to your professional interests, enhance your leadership abilities, and maximize your ability to create organizational value.
  • Learning How to Evolve

    After several years of contemplation, Adam realized there was greater value in earning his EMBA than the opportunity cost of how else he could spend his time. With the rapid changes of business, he credits Emory for training him to evolve to meet new market demands.
  • Shifting Perspectives

    With a liberal arts background, Claire pursued her Executive MBA to broaden her skills and knowledge. She's leveraging these skills in a new strategic planning role in her career as well as helping her husband build a new business.

Graduate Career Management Center


As an Executive MBA student, you will enjoy full access to all the resources of our Graduate Career Management Center, providing the kind of hands-on collaboration we are known for at Goizueta. With the Career Management Center, you’ll find dedicated support to help you elevate your current career or chart a whole new direction. Our team of well-connected, highly accomplished career specialists offers advice and relationships to guide you as you go. No matter your choice, you will find career counselors available to provide you with personalized one-on-one coaching, mentoring and insight into how you can propel your career.

Goizueta's Career Services

Our Graduate Career Management Center provides every Executive MBA student with year-round access to a career coach to facilitate one-on-one career support, as defined by the needs of the student. Our team is designed and staffed to support the individual career needs of the working MBA student. You can expect your Goizueta career coach to be available when you are, help you evaluate your career options, guide you on information sources and support, and help you stay accountable to your action plan.

Our team is designed and staffed to support the individual career needs of the working Executive MBA student. We measure our success by yours.

Companies Represented in the Classroom

Building Relationships. Building Your Network.

We assemble a talented group of successful executives for you to learn side-by-side in a collaborative learning environment. This means you benefit from the value added by your peers' unique experiences and strengths. Our students originate from dozens of companies around the world: small businesses, mid-size companies, non-profit and healthcare organizations, as well as Fortune-500 companies. Our students will tell you one of the most valuable parts of their MBA experience includes the relationships built here. We are confident you will develop bonds that will last far beyond your time at Goizueta.

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