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Customer Lifetime Valuation

Application Deadline: July 28
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Using real-world applications from various industries, the goal of Customer Lifetime Valuation is to familiarize yourself with a thorough understanding of customer value—how to measure it, what it implies for unit economics and overall company health, and how to improve it. The course will cover a variety of models for measuring customer value and frameworks for understanding drivers of it, such as customer acquisition cost.

Upon completion of the Customer Lifetime Valuation course, offered as part of the Evening MBA program, you will earn three credits that can be applied towards an MBA degree if you decide to apply and are accepted into an Emory MBA program.

    Learn alongside Evening MBA and Executive MBA students
  • Credit Hours

    This course is taught online, every Monday from 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
  • Course Investment

Course Eligibility

• Bachelor's degree and a strong undergraduate academic record
• Mid to senior-level professional ready to move into a more strategic role
• Willingness to fully engage and contribute in the classroom
• Awareness and appreciation of the value of a room full of diverse perspectives

International applicant eligibility:

• If you live in the country and can provide your Visa or Permanent Resident information in the application you can enroll in Emory Executive Education courses offered in-person, online or hybrid. If you live outside the US, you can only enroll in our courses if offered online.

Optimize Customer Value

By the end of this online course, you'll be equipped with the skills to accurately estimate customer lifetime value, regardless of the business setting you're operating in. You'll also gain valuable insights into customer behavior and characteristics, allowing you to cultivate a customer base that's both profitable and loyal.

What is Customer Lifetime Valuation?

Daniel McCarthy, assistant professor of Marketing, discusses the importance of customer value and how to measure this data and manage it over time to gain a better understanding of a company's relationship with its customers.

Learning Objectives

  • Ideal For

    Professionals interested in obtaining MBA level skills, knowledge, and experience who do not have the time to invest in a full degree currently but may plan to later, or who already have an MBA and just need a refresher. Additionally, this course is best suited for those with a statistics or quant background.
  • Outcomes

    Students will develop the ability to predict future customer behavior and effectively communicate this information to other stakeholders. This will lead to a better understanding of their customers and improve the overall health of the company.
  • Environment

    Collaborate with MBA students from a range of industries who are working professionals like yourself in an intensive but accessible classroom experience.

Participant Insights

Someone holding up a phone with data icons coming off from it

David Sarfin, SVP Finance, Doing Things Media

[Professor McCarthy] has a unique skill set that is becoming more and more relevant to lots more companies in the recent years. He has the tools and strategies for what to look for in evaluating profitability of customers and has a great balance of laymen terms and also in-depth formulas to help harvest your understanding of customer lifetime value. His techniques have also unlocked my ability to analyze our customers from multiple different approaches, and he uses many real life and real time examples with public company data which makes things super relevant to the real world.

I would most definitely recommend this course to others and I think that anybody looking to get into the startup space or work for any subscription business will benefit the most.

Act Fast

This online MBA course offered through Emory Executive Education will be held 8/28/2023 to 12/4/2023, every Monday from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Apply now, as spots are limited and will fill quickly.

Faculty Spotlight

Daniel McCarthy
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Daniel McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy's research specialty is the application of leading-edge statistical methodology to contemporary empirical marketing problems. His research interests include customer-based corporate valuation, which he popularized, customer lifetime value, limited data problems, data privacy, and the marketing/finance interface. He is also actively researching the causal effect of actions and events on customer purchase behavior.

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