August 2020



The Managerial Leadership Program is highly personalized and interactive and expands your leadership potential for team success. Evaluate your leadership style, identify strengths and areas to improve, receive executive coaching, and test your skills through a day-long team leadership experience.
  • Course Length

    At Goizueta Business School
  • Typical Class Size

    For high-potential managers and executives ready to expand their influence. Ideal participants have at least two years of management experience
  • Course Investment

    Breakfast and lunch included

Act Fast

This program was originally scheduled for May 18-21, 2020 and has been postponed to August 2020 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. New dates will be available soon.

How it Works

The Managerial Leadership Program is designed to help you build team leadership skills, and to empower you and your team to achieve greater business results. This program applies to the Roberto C. Goizueta Leadership Certificate and qualifies as an elective for the C-Suite and Advanced Certificates.


The Managerial Leadership Program will help you develop the skills and awareness necessary to lead confidently, empower others, and drive business success. Finish with an action plan that will allow you to expand your influence, deliver results, and be a stronger leader.
  • Pre-Program Assessments

    Complete the Birkman Assessment, and solicit input from at least 10 trusted individuals in the 360 Feedback Analysis to evaluate your current leadership style.
  • Leadership Styles and Self-Awareness

    Uncover your behaviors in the working environment, understanding your usual styles, your needs, and what happens when those needs are not met. Explore how different working styles interact to create a high-performing team. Gain insights into how you are perceived through your 360 Assessment Report. Explore effective models of leadership and how team dysfunction can create barriers to effective execution.
  • The Gift of Feedback

    Gain insights into how you are perceived through your 360 Assessment Report and begin generating your development plan.
  • The Leadership Reaction Course

    Spend a day in this highly experiential activity designed to test your skills as a team member, leader, and problem solver. You will learn to leverage your team members’ individual strengths, listen thoroughly and communicate often, and strike a balance between devising a plan and acting on that plan.
  • Executive Coaching and Planning

    Participate in a one-on-one session with an executive coach to identify key areas and strategies for continuing your leadership development. Develop an Action Plan based on the lessons learned from your assessments and feedback tools. Refine your action plan to move forward as an impactful leader.

Course Takeaways

  • Assess Your Skills

    Understand your leadership strengths and identify challenges and opportunities through assessments and a one-hour session with an executive coach.
  • Expand Your Capabilities

    Identify the essential leadership skills and tools you can apply in your current role and develop leadership skills that will serve your career moving forward.
  • Empower Your Team

    Learn leadership techniques designed to empower you and your team to achieve greater business results together.


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