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Change is constant. It’s how you skillfully navigate the process that sets you apart. It is important to learn how to rapidly implement change and become more agile in these type of environments. Leading & Inspiring Change is designed to help you become a change agent and better understand reactions to change while elevating your overall skill set. You will learn how to create buy-in and direct major strategic shifts within your organization.
  • Number of Sessions

    On-Campus: November 19-20, 2024
  • Number of Hours

    9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. each day
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    15% off with code LICEARLYBIRD2024; offer expires November 6, 2024
How it Works

Change with Confidence

Explore change models and frameworks to help uncover opportunities for positive change in your organization and strengthen your skills in overcoming the natural resistance to change. Learn how to build buy-in and raise morale, increase productivity, and lead the change process.

Over the course of two sessions, you’ll explore methods for identifying opportunities for change, change models and frameworks. You’ll look at how the change process works, including methods designed to help you anticipate both acceptance and resistance to change and how best to manage expectations. This course applies to the Certificate of Excellence in Business and the Roberto C. Goizueta Leadership Certificate.
How it Works
  • Lead Change During Uncertain Times

    Explore the current state of your organization to identify to change opportunities and respond with an agile change approach in a rapidly evolving business climate
  • Build a Change Framework

    Understand approaches to mapping change strategies and frameworks for executing successful change initiatives
  • Organizational Impact

    Uncover your organization’s culture, its anticipated acceptance of change initiatives and the impact of change on the organizational ecosystem
  • Overcome Obstacles

    Identify strategies and tactics to uncover and overcome resistance to change, gain acceptance of new approaches and drive positive change

Professional Development Goals

  • Examine Change Management

    Build practical frameworks for managing change by understanding and practicing tactics for influencing change in your organization.
  • Reduce Change Fatigue

    Understand the change process in the context of your organization’s culture so you can predict areas of resistance and develop strategies to reduce uncertainty and change fatigue.
  • Achieve Buy-in

    Utilize change management frameworks to organize initiatives and gain broad-based support in order to lead through an environment of constant change.

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