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Business of Healthcare Certificate

Available Spring 2023

Management skills. Healthcare Sector.

The Business of Healthcare Certificate is designed for experienced healthcare professionals and professionals seeking to enter the healthcare sector, who are looking to leverage business knowledge and tools to innovate and impact change in the healthcare industry. Emory Executive Education is providing for-credit Business of Healthcare courses and a Healthcare Certificate upon completion of all 4 courses in collaboration with Goizueta's Executive MBA.
  • Number of Courses

    Completed over 2.5 months
  • Degree Credits

    1.5 credits per course
  • Investment

    Includes 10% Certificate Bundle Discount for 4 courses | Individual Courses - $3,000 each

Learning Objectives

  • Ideal for

    Seasoned healthcare professionals and experienced professionals seeking to enter the growing healthcare sector.
  • Outcomes

    Expand your capacity as a leader to strategize and lead, innovate, and transform in the healthcare industry.
  • Credits

    Earn up to 6-degree credits and take the first step towards an Executive MBA at Emory.

Next Available Spring 2023

The Business of Healthcare Certificate is delivered every other year. The next availability for this certificate is Spring 2023.


  • 7+ years of professional experience (10+ years preferred)
  • Mid- to senior-level professionals ready to move into a more strategic role
  • Managerial or project management experience preferred
  • Ready for a rigorous academic experience
  • Understand the value of a room full of different perspectives
  • Prepared to make valuable contributions in the classroom
  • Bachelor‚Äôs degree required

Please note that meeting the minimum application criteria as stated above is not a guarantee of admission into the Business of Healthcare courses.

Schedule a Consultation

  • Review admissions criteria for participation in these for credit course offerings.
  • Schedule a consultation with your learning advisor.
  • Talk through your background, fit with the course , review admission criteria, and logistics involved in the for credit offering.
  • Review deadlines for certificate and individual courses.
  • Start and submit application by deadline (applicants to the full Healthcare Certificate must apply by the first deadline of December 1).
  • Expect notification of admission decision within 1 week of submitting application.

Business of Healthcare Overview

Participants may take 1 or more courses for credit, including all 4 courses to complete the Business of Healthcare Certificate, earning up to 6-degree credits. If you choose to apply to Goizueta's Executive MBA program at a later date and are admitted into the program, these credits will apply towards your degree. This certificate is a great opportunity to meet your continuing education needs and professional development goals.
  • Business of Healthcare Certificate (6 Credits Total)

  • (1.5 Credit Course)

    BUS 504 Business of Healthcare: Moving from Volume to Value Based Healthcare Delivery
    Introduces the framework of a value‚Äźbased health care delivery system, organized around four key components: (1) what is a value base framework for a delivery system, (2) the need for integrated care delivery at the practice unit, (3) creating system for outcome measurement and monitoring, and (4) the role of payers in encouraging value‚Äźbased healthcare delivery.
  • (1.5 Credit Course)

    ISOM 503 Healthcare Operations: Continuous Operations Improvement in Healthcare Org’s
    Using the health care value chain as an organizing framework, the module is organized around four key modules: (1) designing health care delivery systems, (2) capacity planning and decision making under uncertainty, (3) process failure, learning and quality improvement, and (4) new business models and innovations in health care.
  • (1.5 Credit Course)

    ACT 597 Cost Concepts in Healthcare
    This course will apply some of the basic concepts and techniques learned in an introductory management accounting course to the unique setting of healthcare. In this course, we will revisit topics related to resource planning, understanding cost behavior and cost drives, costing of services (including the application of time‚Äźdriven activity‚Äźbased‚Äźcosting), and the assessment of performance relative to a budget. The case‚Äźbased course will provide a deeper dive into these topics using examples from healthcare organizations (e.g., hospitals, clinics, and/or healthcare service providers). The aim of the course is to prepare students working in the healthcare industry to apply modern costing concepts and techniques in their workplace.
  • (1.5 Credit Course)

    BUS 508 Healthcare Strategy: Strategically Leading Health Care Organizations
    Gain an understanding of tomorrow’s competitive landscape in health care characterized by regulatory uncertainty, confounded consumers, and the ever-shifting balance of power amongst payers, providers and pharma/devices. All these demand that our health care leaders be clear in their organization’s strategy and simultaneously excel at leading organizational change.

For-Credit Courses Withdrawal Policy

These courses are only offered for university credit. You will receive an Emory University transcript as a result of completing one or more courses. To withdraw from a course, you must meet designated university deadlines to avoid receiving a W on your transcript for the for-credit course. No refunds will be extended once the course begins.

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Expand your capacity as a leader to strategize, innovate, and transform in the healthcare industry through the Business of Healthcare Certificate.

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