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Internship Employment

Industry Students Percent of Class
Financial Services 96 42%
Consulting 30 13%
Accounting 22 10%
Marketing / Advertising / Public Relations 15 6%
Real Estate / Construction 13 6%
Healthcare 9 4%
Media / Entertainment 8 3%
Retail 8 3%
Technology / Science 8 3%
Consumer Packaged Goods 4 2%
Manufacturing 3 1%
Other 15 6%

Note: Compensation information is self-reported. Seventy-nine percent of students reported accepting offers also reported salary data. Salary data is not reported for functions with fewer than three points of data. Other Industry includes Aerospace, Energy, Government/Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Other, Transportation / Logistics, and Utilities. Other Function includes Human Resources and Other. Numbers may not add to 100% due to rounding.

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    Class of 2019
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    Class of 2019
  • Mean Hourly Internship Salary

    Class of 2019

Internships by Region

Region Map: BBA Internship Employment

International Internship Destinations: Austria, Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom.

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