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Primary Areas of Study

Primary area depths represent the key functional areas of business and correspond to our school’s faculty departments. We offer five area depth topics that correlate with many of the career interests students pursue post-graduation.

Accounting is the language of business, and fluency in financial reporting, the legal environment, and taxation should be part of your vocabulary. Every business decision involves choices of transaction structure, resource allocation, reporting to constituents such as shareholders, creditors, and investors, and compliance with many levels of government regulation and taxation. The Accounting area depth gives you critical skills to help you make complex decisions in an ever-changing environment.

Businessweek recently ranked Goizueta's undergraduate accounting program #3 in the U.S., and roughly one-third of our BBAs acquire a concentration in accounting. We offer two accounting tracks — one for Financial Accounting and Analysis and one for Professional Accounting (CPA).

Our Financial Accounting and Analysis concentration, taken in conjunction with an area depth in finance, is pursued by students preparing for careers in corporate finance, financial analysis, investment banking, portfolio management, venture capital and private equity, and commercial lending. In your future career as a professional, when deciding whether to allocate capital you will have to analyze and predict future performance and risks for firms. Strong fundamental understanding of financial reporting and accounting and strong analytical and conceptual thinking are crucial components of such predictions.

Our Professional Accounting (CPA) concentration is taken by students preparing for professional careers in accounting. If you follow this path, you will join professional accounting firms in their auditing, forensic, tax, or consulting practices. Other common career paths include internal audit and financial management in corporations and governmental and not-for-profit entities, as well as careers that focus on a wide range of professional capabilities to serve the business community. Corporate managers prefer the advice of accounting information experts who understand the organization as a whole and the strategic and tactical problems of senior management. Many of the top financial professionals —the controller, the treasurer, the director of internal auditing, the director of financial planning, the vice president of finance, the chief financial officer — are CPAs.

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Secondary Areas of Study

Secondary area depths are interdisciplinary offerings that highlight some of the unique ways Goizueta BBA students can augment their academic experience. In alignment with the cross-functional needs of the business world, these study topics combine electives from various academic areas and provide focused study combined with integrated thinking.

The Analytic Consulting depth exposes students to a rigorous analysis of business from multiple functional perspectives and prepares them to holistically address business problems and make meaningful recommendations. In addition, the electives in this depth enhances students' ability to identify relevant information and patterns in that information, with an emphasis on analyzing, optimizing, monitoring, and controlling.

Area Depth Details

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Map out the courses you’ll need to take to complete one or more primary and secondary area depths.