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International perspectives permeate the BBA curriculum but truly come to life through participation in the BBA study abroad program. Students with a sense of adventure and the intellectual drive to study business abroad while being immersed in another culture are richly rewarded for expanding the walls of Goizueta Business School.
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Interested in a semester abroad? With 48 exchange programs across more than 30 countries, BBA students can see the world through one of Goizueta's study abroad partner schools.

We are here to help you find the program that best fits your academic and personal needs, but as this is your study experience, you can benefit the most by being an informed student throughout the process. After attending an information session at BBA Orientation, we encourage you to do ample research on the available programs and countries, read student experience reports to see what your peers have to say, visit our partner universities' websites to learn about academic and student life abroad, and find out about the cost of living, course information, and housing options.

Students interested in a foreign language exchange program will be required to demonstrate proficiency at the time of application.

Additional Study Abroad Options

BBA Study Abroad Students

In addition to semester-long exchange programs, Goizueta also offers intermittent international study trips. Students with a second major or minor, outstanding GERs (general education requirements), and/or a passion for international travel over the summer may also consider a program through OISP, the study abroad program of Emory's College of Arts & Sciences.

Programs and Locations

Visit our partner universities' websites to learn about the academic and student life abroad, and find out about the cost of living, course information, and housing options.

Study Abroad FAQ

Each student has their own reasons for studying abroad. Here are some of the most common reasons we hear:

  • To learn more about another culture  
  • To become more independent
  • To expand my horizons
  • To travel to as many places as possible
  • To be able to hold full conversations in a foreign language
  • To learn something that I couldn't learn at Emory
  • To observe international business first-hand
  • To connect with other international students
  • To be more outgoing
  • To build a network

Goizueta practices international exchange — trading students with an elite cadre of international partner schools. Hallmarks of our program include: 

  • Direct enrollment and immersion in foreign schools 
  • Body-for-body trade, so international students take part in Goizueta classrooms each semester
  • Students are responsible for much of the preparatory work to embark on their abroad experience (visas, housing, travel, enrollment), resulting in more independence and self-confidence

Often, in US-based study abroad programs:

  1. Students travel abroad with other Americans and take part in special/reserved classes, often taught by faculy from the home institution
  2. The program host handles much of the prep work
  3. There are fewer chances to develop independent living and coping skills

By asking yourself a few basic questions, you can focus on programs of most interest to you.

  • English or foreign language speaking?
  • Offers the kinds of classes I need and want?
  • A place I already love, or a new place?
  • Where friends and family are, on my own?
  • Within my budget?
  • Learn more about my heritage?
  • Will I feel safe?
  • Can I handle the kind of housing available?
  • Will my family support me choosing this place?
  • Can meet my special needs (dietary, religious, etc)?
  • Dates of attendance match my schedule and plans?

Determining when and where to study abroad from an academic perspective depends on factors specific to each student — your area depth(s) and possible second major/minor, credits already completed, and where you want to go, to name a few. Course offerings vary by location and semester, so what you want to take while you're away plays a role, too. Plan early — starting the semester you matriculate to Goizueta is ideal — so you can customize a plan to fit your academic, internship, financial, and personal needs. Studying abroad during fall or spring semester of the third year fits well for most students.

  • Students must be currently enrolled in the Goizueta Business School at the time of application.
  • Students must have successfully completed a minimum of three of the following core courses: ACT 200, FIN 320, OAM 330 or 331, MKT 340, ISOM 351, or ACT 410. Such courses do not have to be completed at the time of the application deadline, only before the student goes abroad.
  • Students must be in good academic standing, including no Honor Code violations or pending investigations, with a cumulative and most-recent-semester GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Students must not have any active conduct code violations or pending investigations.
  • At select schools, students must meet minimum language requirements.

The application deadline is September 6 for study abroad in Spring 2025 and mid-February (exact date TBD) for study abroad in Fall 2025. Detailed instructions about how to apply may be found on the BBA Program Canvas page, which becomes accessible to students once they begin the BBA Program.

Study Abroad Advising

BBA International Programs holds regular advising appointments while fall and spring classes are in session. Attend an information session at BBA Orientation first, then schedule a study abroad advising appointment.