BBA Dual Degrees

Twice the Interest, Twice the Impact

Dual degrees provide unique opportunities for students to pursue additional academic experiences and to earn an undergraduate and a masters degree at Goizueta within 4.5 years.

The joint BBA/MSBA allows a Goizueta BBA student to complete a joint degree in 4.5 years instead of the typical 4 + 1 year timeframe of completing a BBA and then a Master of Science in Business Analytics.

The MSBA is a STEM-credentialed program designed to develop a "business data scientist" who can speak the language of business, data, and technology. In addition to the regular, stand-alone 10-month program that admits students from all over the world, the MSBA offers BBA students the opportunity to apply to and enroll in a joint BBA/MSBA curriculum.

The joint degree program is structured to permit students to finish both degrees in a compressed time period, typically 4.5 years, requiring one additional semester of coursework. Admission to this joint degree program is reserved for current Goizueta BBA students, and does not require GRE/GMAT scores. Students should apply during their junior year. The senior year will be devoted to the MSBA curriculum, before returning to the BBA program for a final semester.

Successful BBA/MSBA applicants will possess technical and quantitative fluency, typically acquired through significant coursework in advanced calculus, statistics, linear algebra, programming, and databases/SQL as well as other applied math and/or computer science classes.

Pre-Requisites for Admission to the BBA/MSBA Degree

  1. Technology Competency: Fluency in a programming language; in-depth understanding of databases and SQL
  2. Mathematics Competency: Completion of the following courses with a grade of B or higher: Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Statistics

Integrating Data Science and Business

Elena Lopez 18BBA/BS/MSBA

Emory's dual degree opportunities enabled Elena Lopez to integrate her interests in data science and business while completing a BS in Neuroscience at Emory College and BBA and MSBA at Goizueta.