March 10-11, 2020

Mastering Strategy Execution


Mastering Strategy Execution in a Disruptive Environment helps you close the gaps between planning and action to ensure that all efforts remain on target. You’ll learn to review, plan, and execute strategic initiatives critical to your business and anticipate common hidden barriers strategists face during execution.
  • Course Length

    at Goizueta Business School
  • Typical Class Size

    For leaders & executives overseeing strategic and operational alignment
  • Course Investment

    Breakfast and lunch included

Act Fast

This short course will be held on March 10-11, 2020 and fills up quickly.


Mastering Strategy Execution in a Disruptive Environment examines ways to align operational strategies with organizational objectives and ensure that initiatives get translated into action. Executives and other professionals will gain insight into how their organizations operate and how to align actions with strategic objectives. This short course applies to the Strategy, Business Analytics, and Change Management Certificates.

Strategies for Success

You’ll gain critical insight into how organizations function and how to marry your organization’s daily activities with long-term strategic goals. Explore how human-centered design enables strategic alignment and helps identify new sources of value to keep your company moving steadily toward its goals.
  • Define Value

    Link value to strategy and execution using value maps, and uncover ways to create and capture value.
  • Take a Systems Point of View

    Develop insight into how your organization operates as a complex system and how to align your actions with strategic plans
  • Creativity and Value Using Human-Centered Design

    Use human-centered design, mind maps, storyboards, and value chains to find new sources of value.
  • Capabilities and Processes

    Differentiate between capabilities and processes and how to maximize growth potential.

Course Takeaways

  • Align Operations and Strategy

    Evaluate how your organization aligns its operations and strategic objectives and explore methods to develop a plan for bringing the two together.
  • Drive Outcomes

    Evaluate the needs of your team to design an execution plan that meets their needs and empowers them for success.
  • Create Value

    Define what value means within your organization’s complex ecosystem and uncover ways to create and capture more.


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