Two-Year MBA

Leadership Coaching Fellows

Understand. Practice. Enhance. Performance Feedback

Learn to improve individual and team performance by developing the necessary behavioral, relational, cognitive, and emotional tools. The LCF Program places emphasis on personal leadership awareness and skills development.

Program Format

  • Academic Learning

    Fellows will complete a Coaching Workshop and Seminar, which provides the introduction to the LCF Program, the administrative information needed to complete the program, and the theory and practice of coaching an MBA team. This training will provide the fellows with practical situational exercises with their assigned Executive Coaches.
  • Experiential Learning

    The LCF Program is highly experiential and based upon opportunities to facilitate and coach other MBA students in the context of their assigned Goizueta IMPACT core teams and coach the team members in 1:1 sessions. The work will extend beyond the core courses into the capstone coaching practicum experience when Fellows are assigned to a specific Goizueta IMPACT elective course team. Fellows will meet/observe a team a minimum of three 90-minute sessions, each session should include an informal after action review. Fellows provide 1:1 coaching to members of their assigned team, meeting with them 1:1 at least once.
  • Reflection Learning

    Each fellow will be assigned a ‘Professional Executive Coach’ to assist them in developing their coaching skills. The Executive Coaching activity will include individual sessions and group sessions with all of the fellows. This will extend across semesters incorporating a minimum of three (3) Fellows Cohort group sessions and at least two (2) individual sessions. This will be done with the objective to learn from reflection and feedback of what is working, what is not working, and what areas need improvement. Additionally, LCFs will use a coaching journal to reflect on their coaching experience and write a 'reflections paper' at the end of the program.
Leadership Coaching Fellows


By becoming a Leadership Coaching Fellow, you will:

  • Build self awareness
  • Learn to coach peers, providing feedback in a team and one-on-one setting
  • Receive personalized coaching from an executive coach
  • Learn from leader's experiences

Two-Year MBA Fellows

  • Andrew Angowitz
  • Ariel Baner
  • Catherine Bennett
  • Max Beznoschenko
  • Jack Chapman
  • Rosilyn Chirayath
  • Pat Citrano
  • Trey DeGeorges
  • Clay Etterle
  • Caroline Fisher
  • Alex Goodall
  • Dan Hacker
  • Nicole Haydek
  • Lucas Hoffmann
  • Kevin Hsiao
  • Sean Kenney
  • Charles Kontz
  • Bethany Larkin
  • Andres London Botero
  • Taylor Montes de Oca
  • Trent Morgan
  • Alex Gilkenson Morley
  • Amrita Motgi
  • William O'Neil
  • Willard Ober
  • Samuel Oldroyd
  • Ryan Orechwa
  • Dorrie Paradies
  • Krishna Patel
  • Ross Plummer
  • Cassie Ratliff
  • Sophie Reiser
  • William Rock
  • Daria Rydzak
  • Tyrone Sampson
  • Liz Scholz
  • Jeremy Schreier
  • Katherine Sharpstone
  • Chris Sotolongo
  • Kyle Sullivan
  • Priya Verma
  • Jason Waidzulis
  • Tracy Weldon
  • Taylor Westcott
  • Dan Westfall