Two-Year MBA

Leadership Development


Leadership skills are central to business success. At Goizueta, we make cultivating these talents central to your MBA experience. In our Goizueta Leadership Development Program, you learn across three important pillars: academic, experiential, and reflective — each providing the experiences necessary for you to lead an effective team and deliver results. Creating dynamic leaders is infused into every aspect of what we do.

Becoming a Better Leader

Advancing Your Leadership Abilities

  • Academic

    Throughout our courses and electives, you are exposed to the fundamental core values that drive principled, effective leaders.
  • Experiential

    We integrate experiential opportunities so you practice resilient leadership in real-life situations.
  • Reflective

    Woven throughout are opportunities for you to receive immediate and consistent feedback from coaches, mentors, faculty, and other students.

As a way to combine the academic leadership offerings and the co-curricular leadership experiences, you will have the opportunity to be awarded the Certificate of Advanced Leadership. In addition to completing the required academic courses and experiential activities, you will be required to take the capstone course in the spring semester of your final year.

The capstone course is a leadership seminar combining Professor Rick Gilkey’s research on cognitive leadership behaviors as well as teachings from Professors Karl Kuhnert and Peter Topping. Students will be required to write a capstone reflection paper that touches on one or more aspects of Goizueta’s leadership model:

  • working across boundaries
  • acting with integrity
  • creating vision
  • taking action
  • demonstrating resilience

By completing all of the required items, you will be eligible to receive the certificate at the end of your final semester.

Voices of Goizueta

Roberto C. Goizueta

"Leadership is one of the things you cannot delegate. You either exercise it, or you abdicate it."