Internship Data

Internships by Function

Function Percent of Class
Consulting 45%
Marketing 23%
Finance 17%
Operations / Logistics 7%
General Management 5%
Real Estate 2%
Information Technology 1%
Other Functions 4%

Source of Accepted Offers

Source Percent of Class
School-Scheduled Interviews 33%
Goizueta Job Postings 23%
Other Goizueta Sources 27%
Student-Initiated 17%

Note: Compensation information is self-reported. Ninety-six percent of students reported accepting offers also reported salary data. Salary data is not reported for functions with fewer than three points of data. Due to rounding, some totals may not equal 100%. Goizueta Sources includes career fairs, Consortium events, faculty/alumni/staff referrals, resume books, and off-campus activities supported by the career center.

Employment Data

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