Clubs & Fellowships

A Rewarding Investment An Invested Community

The small size of our Two-Year MBA contributes to a tight-knit atmosphere and means you'll find not only the attention you need, but you'll also have all the leadership opportunities you can handle.

Goizueta Business School and Emory University have active and engaged MBA student and alumni groups who host activities throughout the year. MBA students have instant access to the networking and events that are available. Examples of these groups include:

  • Energy Markets Club
  • Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club
  • Finance Club
  • Goizueta Consulting Association
  • Goizueta General Management & Operations Club
  • Goizueta Healthcare Association
  • Goizueta Hospitality and Tourism Club
  • Goizueta Investment Club
  • Goizueta Marketing Association
  • Goizueta Real Estate Group
  • Goizueta Technology Association
  • Human Capital Club
  • JD/MBA Society

Put Learning into Practice

  • Center for Alternative Investments

    The Center for Alternative Investments (CAI) focuses on developing research and information, providing education and building community with respect to several areas of alternative investments, including private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, and real estate value. Students have the opportunity to take advantage of the center's extensive alumni network and internship program abroad.
  • Marketing Analytics Center

    EmoryMAC combines science-based testing and rigor to inform management's vision for the future. The Marketing Analytics Fellows program provides opportunities for MBA students to be a vital part of the analytics community at Goizueta. Students have the opportunity to help plan and conduct the annual Marketing Analytics Conference as well as engage in faculty and center research projects.
  • Business & Society Institute

    The Business & Society Institute makes markets work for more people in more places in more ways. Fellows have access to executive mentoring, opportunities to participate in Business & Society fieldwork projects, a membership to Atlanta's Center for Civic Innovation, a stipend to attend a social enterprise-related conference, and financial support if they choose to work for a social enterprise as a summer intern.

How do Student Clubs Help with Career Preparation?

In this MBA Web Chat clip, our career management center staff provides insights on how students translate club leadership involvement into career-building skills.