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The BBA curriculum at Goizueta is distinctive not only in terms of the quality, range and scope of academic approaches provided but also because of the built-in flexibility that allows for both traditional and customized, unique concentrations and depths incorporating coursework within and outside of the Business School.

Areas of Study

The BBA curriculum requires the completion of a minimum of one primary area depth consisting of the core and four elective courses in a designated area. This allows all students to build at least one area of expertise within the functional fields of business.

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Dual Concentrations

We offer a growing series of collaborative concentrations between Goizueta Business School and Emory College, providing a structured approach to immersing BBA and College students in both the intellectual and business aspects of specific industries or fields.

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BBA/MPA Combined Degree

The BBA/MPA combined degree program is designed to enable students enrolled in the BBA Program at the Goizueta Business School to complete a master's degree while simultaneously fulfilling the requirements to sit for the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) examination.

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Academic Grading and Standards

Undergraduate students enrolled at Goizueta Business School are also expected to conform to the conduct requirements as described in the Emory University Undergraduate Code of Conduct, and to conduct themselves in accordance with the ideals for which Emory stands.

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The curriculum is structured in three phases. As a student, you will first develop both broad knowledge and the capacity for reflective critical thinking through enrollment in a vibrant liberal arts curriculum. Second, you will receive world-class grounding in the key theories and practices in each of the functional areas of business through the BBA core curriculum. Finally, you will have the opportunity to develop one or several areas of expertise and to pursue your intellectual and professional passions through electives. You will have the opportunity to select from among more than 70 different BBA course choices, and virtually unlimited College options offered each year.

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Requirements & Prerequisites

Students are eligible to enter the BBA Program once they have earned junior standing, or 60 academic hours (56 hours for early admission). The curriculum is comprised of seven core classes in the foundational areas of business, a business communications course, junior and senior seminars, at least one area depth and electives.

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Business Research

Business Essentials is an exclusive program to sharpen BBA research skills. Taught by professional librarians, you can choose from 10 classes each semester on topics ranging from competitor analysis to how to locate your target market. Business Essentials will start you on your path toward becoming a problem solver and critical thinker - highly sought after skills in today's competitive market place. Becoming familiar with commercial databases used in the professional world will also help you complete class projects efficiently as well as prepare for internship and job interviews.

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Current students can access upcoming courses, academic advising, and other resources on the Student Portal.

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