I am a fifth-year doctoral candidate in Accounting. I received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Toledo and a Master of Accounting from the Ohio State University.

My research examines how the design of organizational control systems influences employee judgment, decision-making, and motivation. My dissertation focuses on the interplay between human judgment and data analytics, examining how performance measurement affects employee success in using analytics to identify causal relations.

In line with my research interests, I am primarily interested in teaching managerial accounting and data analytics, as well as the intersection between the two topics. I am also open to teaching other courses that best meet departmental needs. I am proficient in many of the Python packages used for data analytics and data visualization (e.g., NumPy; Pandas; scikit-learn; seaborn) as well as in JavaScript, HTML+CSS, and Stata.


  • Master's
    The Ohio State University
  • Bachelor's
    University of Toledo