Your success is our highest priority. Before you even step foot on campus to start your courses in the One-Year MBA, we work together to architect your personal career plan. From personality tests to building portfolios and one-on-one career coaching to hosting networking events, the MBA Career Management Center gets you day-one ready in just one year.
  • Average Base Salary & Bonus

    (Class of 2018)
  • MBA Students With

    A Personal Career Coach
  • Career Events

    Held by the MBA Career Management Center

How We Take Your Career Beyond

  • Recognizing What Drives You

    First, we’ll get a full sense of your skill set, personality, strengths, and weaknesses. From there, we’ll work with you to understand your passions, experience, and career expectations.
  • Building on Your Skills

    The curriculum is specifically designed with your career preparation in mind. You’ll participate in workshops, alumni panels, and networking events – all designed to foster your career development.
  • Finding Your Fit

    You’ll finish the program with a clear plan to advance your career and ongoing access to career coaching and the powerful Goizueta alumni network through the Alumni Career Services office.

Career Services that Go Beyond

Our One-Year MBA is designed to help you realize your career goals as quickly as possible. Career preparation woven right into the curriculum, deeply experiential opportunities, and career coaching tailored just for you are how we make it happen.

A Personal Coach for a Personal Career Plan

No matter what your area of interest is, the Career Management Center has a coach who’s prepared to help you chart your path for a successful career in business. After an onboarding career assessment each student is matched with a coach who’s the best fit for their aspirations.

Creating Career Impact


Explore the career path that aligns with your interests and your career goals to help you land on the perfect fit. Here are just a few popular career paths for Goizueta MBA students.

Help organizations improve their performance by analyzing their existing business problems and developing plans for improvement.

What Recruiters Want

  • Extensive problem-solving, analytical skills
  • A strength in synthesizing information and delivering recommendations
  • Ability to lead a group or team, which is central to all activities
  • A comfort with strategic vision and attention to detail will be valuable
  • Strong presentation and consulting skills

Sample Hiring Companies

  • McKinsey
  • PwC
  • EY
  • KPMG
  • ScottMadden, Inc.

Numbers don’t lie

The career numbers for our One-Year MBA graduates tell a pretty sweet story.