Goizueta IMPACT

Maximizing Your IMPACT.

What do you get when you combine MBA students with expert faculty and give them a problem to solve? You get Goizueta IMPACT, our signature approach to experiential learning for MBAs, developed to give your career a running start by empowering you to put into practice the theories, frameworks, and leadership skills learned in the program.

  • Summer Block 1

    The IMPACT core course builds the foundational skills of structured problem solving, persuasive communication, and managing the work of a problem-solving team. The summer Client Project is announced at the end of Block 1.
  • Summer Block 2

    Project teams launch and begin work. Students put problem-solving skills into action. Faculty and external coaches support the project team. Student teams present their recommendations to the client in a showcase at the end of the summer.
  • The IMPACT Advantage

    Leverage your client project experience to launch your new career. Start your career ready to make an impact on Day One. Get the IMPACT advantage, and you’ll hit the ground running in your career.

How do Projects Work?

You'll work in teams of five to six students to address a critical client issue on any range of topics across industries and functions. Then, you'll partner with client liaisons to review your findings and obtain feedback, letting you form real relationships that lead to real insights. Throughout the project, you are guided by our expert faculty who provide team and leadership coaching to cultivate your skills and capabilities — all while leveraging their extensive research, resources, and expertise.

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