Philip Ikoku Photo
MBA (One-Year), 2015

Philip Ikoku

Director of Business Development, Lumeris


The healthcare industry is going through an evolutionary period. As a doctoral student in physical therapy, Philip chose to pursue a joint degree in the One-Year MBA Program so he could better position himself to lead a health organization.

"By working on a real industry client with an actual problem, I learned how to apply the frameworks we learned in class quickly to any complex business problem," says Philip. "I now feel confident in my ability to dissect a problem and then work through the ambiguity to 'figure it out'. I know this experience will be invaluable to me going forward."

Goizueta helped Philip take his background in physical therapy and combine it with the business skills and practice he needed to feel confident working within any organization.

"I chose Goizueta's One-Year MBA to better position myself to lead an organization through change," he says. "The healthcare industry is going through an evolutionary period. I know that with the skills learned here at Goizueta, I will be able to adapt to and eventually help shape the future of healthcare."