One-Year MBA

Employment Data

Employment by Function

Consulting 41%
Finance 26%
Marketing 19%
Real Estate 7%
Operations / Supply Chain 7%


One-Year MBA Employment By Function


Note: Compensation information is self-reported. Eighty percent of students reported accepting offers reported salary data. "Other Consulting" includes Healthcare, Technology, and Unspecified Consulting. "Other Finance" includes Private Equity / Venture Capital, Portfolio / Asset Management, Corporate Banking, and Unspecified. Salary data is not reported for functions with fewer than three points of data. Numbers may not add to 100% due to rounding.

Employment By Region

One-Year MBA Employment by Region


Source of Employment Offers

Source of Employment Offers  
School-Scheduled Interviews 41%
Student Initiated 41%
Previous Employer 11%
Goizueta Sources 7%


Note: Goizueta Sources includes career fairs, faculty/alumni/staff referrals, resume books, and off-campus activities supported by the career center.

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Employment Data

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