Financing Your MSBA

Funding Your Future

Pursuing your MSBA is a significant financial investment, one of the most important that you'll make, and we at Emory are committed to working with you to make your educational goal a financial reality. Our students combine personal funds, employer sponsorships, outside resources, admissions scholarships, and loans through Emory University's Office of Financial Aid to help realize their education goals.
Total Tuition & Fees $70,942
Tuition $67,660
Mandatory Fees $3,282
Other Estimated Costs $26,759
Living (approx.) $19,278
Books (approx.) $3,300
Health Insurance (approx.) $3,200
Parking (approx.) $981

Please note: Tuition rates are subject to change and are updated each spring for the upcoming academic year.

Financial Aid

MSBA Students

Graduate Loans

Our MSBA degree offers students a better professional and financial future. Knowing the financial commitment is significant, Emory University's Financial Aid Office is committed to assisting students with the process of obtaining the financial resources necessary to pursue a Goizueta MSBA. A variety of student loans are available for both domestic and international students. Students can borrow up to the budgeted cost of attendance less any scholarships. Some of these loans include Federal Stafford Loan, Graduate Plus Loan, Private Loan, International Student Loan (does not require a US Citizen Co-Signor).

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