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Developing Nextgen Social Innovators

We develop the next generation of social innovators through both coursework and hands-on experiences including Latin America travel modules, consulting projects, global feasibility studies, mentorship, social enterprise fellowships, and student clubs/activities.

The Social Enterprise Fellows Program recognizes Goizueta Business School students (BBA, EvMBA, and MBA) who demonstrate both a deep interest in social enterprise and commitment to SE@G’s core focus areas of work.

Fellows have access to the necessary hands-on education, exposure and experiences to develop their capabilities as next-generation social sector leaders whether full-time immediately after graduation or later in their careers.

Program Benefits

  • Career coaching and mentorship through Executives-in-Residence and faculty/staff
  • Cohort-based events/social activities 
  • Preferred seats at Take 5 Mentoring Meals with local and national leaders
  • Membership to Atlanta's Center for Civic Innovation 
  • $500 annual stipend to offset the cost of attending a social enterprise related conference, event, or social impact focused global travel module
  • Opportunity to apply for summer or post-grad internship stipend funds (up to $5K) for work in the social enterprise field

Application Instructions

If you are applying to the business school’s full-time MBA program (one or two-year), complete a fellows Application which includes two short essays in addition to other general application items. Contact Martha Siewert at for more details.

If you are a current student, contact Brian Goebel at to learn more about the nomination and selection process for students joining the program midway through their studies at Goizueta.  

Social Enterprise Courses

What is a corporation? How do corporations maintain legitimacy, acquire resources, and build partnerships as they create, confront, and sometimes attempt to solve complex global problems? This course is about the corporation in global society, including its culpabilities, responsibilities, and possibilities.

This course surveys the evolving role that nonprofit organizations and their leaders (both management and board of directors) play in delivering social impact through a blend of academic content including traditional case examples, emerging business model frameworks, and guest lecturers from nonprofit leaders.

This directed study course examines specialty coffee markets and how improved business acumen can empower coffee farmers that work at origin in Guatemala. Students will read and discuss topics related to specialty coffee, storytelling and financial planning. As they become familiar with these topics, students will also learn about the specific GFE Learning Modules.

During the 3-day workshop in Latin America, students will engage with the GFE team by facilitating each module, supporting mentors, and guiding farmers through various exercises. Post-workshop, students will help complete the workshop deliverables including farm stories, financial analyses, and seed grant applications

This trip is designed for MBA students (fulltime and EvMBA) and explores coffee farms and their communities (including cooperatives), visit social enterprises / social entrepreneurs, tour colonial cities, and participate in outdoor adventure activities (volcano hikes and more). MBA students receive course credit and can enroll through their program office.

Social enterprises are mission-driven organizations that trade in goods or services for some defined social purpose. At times, the profits from a business are used to support a specific social goal. Other times, the organization itself accomplishes a defined social aim through its own operations. This class discusses the evolving role played by the social enterprise in the context of changes in both the private and government sectors along with the core group of “investors” that fund such enterprises.

This new course is designed for the undergraduate business student who wants to examine the impact(s) that business and markets have (and might have) in an important and pervasive industry sectors.  The course is also open to non-business students who want to explore their perspectives on how culture and society merge with current and potential business and market practices. 

Students that complete the course are eligible to apply to participate in a follow-on directed study which provides an opportunity to work directly with specialty coffee farmers in Latin America via one of SE@G's Grounds for Empowerment workshops.

This course will introduce students to the role of philanthropy in solving public problems, particularly with regard to inequality and urban development in Atlanta. Topics covered in the course will include the history and theory of philanthropic giving in the U.S. as well as recent research on strategic and venture philanthropy, particularly with regard to its relationship to the larger organizational ecosystem of urban communities.

Social Enterprise Fellows

Social Enterprise Fellows Alumni

Class of 2019

  • Rhushi Bhadkamkar (MBA)
  • Arda Bulak (MBA)
  • Karina DeSousa (MBA)
  • Ted Keitzman (MBA)
  • Claire Pavlak (MBA)
  • Daria Preston (MBA/MPH)
  • Ariana Rubio (BBA)
  • Katie Sweeney (MBA)
  • Sharon Yu (BBA)


Class of 2018

  • Marisa Fang (MBA)
  • Sam Nerswick (MBA)
  • Gillian Robinson (MBA)
  • Ivena Santilair (BBA)
  • Cynthia Tassopoulos (MBA/MPH)
  • Kira Zagorc (BBA)


Class of 2017

  • Lauren Alcala (MBA)
  • Jane Cole (MBA)
  • Kiara Hinton (MBA)
  • Ruyi Jiang (MBA)
  • Julia Krauss (MBA/MPH)
  • Anna Navratil (MBA)
  • Sarah Olson (MBA)
  • Tanisha Raj (BBA)


Class of 2016

  • Jonathan Broide (MBA)
  • Susumu Handa (MBA)
  • Tara Mumford (MBA)
  • Emily Pugatchenko (MBA)
  • Hari Rajendran (MBA)
  • Mary Sanitato (MBA/MPH)
  • Mark Thomas (MBA/MPH)


Class of 2015

  • Prashant Anilkumar (MBA)
  • Kaili Delp (MBA)
  • Kathryn Gelder (MBA)
  • Jeffrey Kim (MBA)
  • Noah Marwil (MBA)
  • Jose Rosado (MBA)


Class of 2014

  • Holly Duncan (MBA)
  • Jesus Figueroa (MBA)
  • Evan Goldberg (MBA)
  • Will Goldin (MBA)
  • Bryant Lewis (MBA)
  • Brian Phelps (MBA)
  • Christine Pieton (MBA)
  • Mireille Sharp (MBA)


Class of 2013

  • Lindsay Wilkinson (MBA)


Class of 2012

  • Ben Mullenix (MBA)

Become a Socent Fellow

If you are applying to the business school’s full-time MBA program (one or two-year), please complete a fellows Application which includes two social enterprise specific essays.

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