Strategic Initiative

Business Analytics

Goizueta Business Principle No. 41

Analysis Without Interpretation Is Just Numbers

Our vision is to apply data-driven scholarship to create knowledge and provide thought leadership in analytics. We will prepare market-ready graduates to be business data scientists and other leaders capable of speaking the language of data and addressing tomorrow’s business challenges.
  • Harnessing more Big Data

    Megabytes of data created each second for every human on the planet (Forbes)
  • Exponential Curiosity

    Google searches performed every second (Forbes)
  • Future Focused

    Percent of CFOs surveyed who said they are planning major investments in analytics in the next 3 years (Deloitte)

Initiative Goals

• Package and distribute faculty research and findings to increase program recognition among media outlets, potential partners, and hiring companies

• Partner with companies to gather data for research and experiential learning projects

• Broaden analytics footprint across Emory to include areas of mathematics, computer science, quantitative methods, and political science

• Continue to execute on the best event opportunities that raise the conversation around data analysis and position the school for increased outreach

• Introduce new methods of testing and rigor to inform a business world forced to adapt with technology and understand future trends

Proof Points

Business Analytics at Goizueta touches many initiatives and programs across degree programs, research interests, and classroom activities. Points of excellence include:
  • MSBA Program

    Master of Science in Business Analytics
    The MSBA imparts strong technical and quantitative training plus comprehensive business acumen, all within a top 20 business school. This intense program is designed to produce a business data scientist, one who can speak the language of business, technology, and data. In the Capstone project, student teams apply their skills to solve sponsor firms’ business problems using the firm’s proprietary data.
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  • Faculty and Curriculum

    Relevant and Timely Engagement
    Research and courses tied to business analytics cover real-world problems and opportunities including data security, social media, and consumer loyalty.
  • Powerful Learning

    Solving Real-World Problems
    Goizueta students gain an understanding in using data, including capturing it, structuring it, and using it to make the best decisions. This is done through experiential learning courses like the MSBA Capstone.
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  • Events and Speakers

    Opportunities to Partner and Learn
    Annual events like the MSBA Conference help students get more familiar with analytics and hear from experts in the field.
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Featured News

MSBA Students

MSBA program announces 100 percent placement rate for inaugural class

Goizueta Business School’s Master of Science in Business Analytics program released its employment report for the class of 2018, the first graduating class of the program. One hundred percent of graduates were employed within six months.

Featured Course

Executive Students Team Project
Emory Executive Education

Build Your Data Strategy

In Data-Driven Decision Making, you will learn to properly analyze and use big data to create valuable business intelligence. You will learn to understand the implications of analytics and an array of data sources in order to yield comprehensive insights for practical business applications.

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