xMSBA: For Working Professionals


MS in Business Analytics for working professionals

Data is Everywhere. Insights are Everything.

Goizueta’s xMSBA: MS in Business Analytics for Working Professionals combines business, data, and technology to develop advanced data analytics skills to see a data problem from every angle and find innovative business solutions. Enhance your expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud analytics, and counterfactual analyses through visualization to advance your career.
  • Months to Completion

    July - May
  • Immersive Residencies

    2 in Atlanta + 2 Global
  • Core & Elective Courses

    8 Core + 2 Electives

xMSBA Advantage

  • Advanced Analytics Core

    Develop advanced analytical skills in machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud analytics, and data visualization.
  • Cloud Computing Based

    Become an expert on working with big data on the cloud using AWS SQL & NoSQL, Hadoop, Pig and Spark.
  • Convenient Schedule

    Classes meet on campus on alternate Wednesday and Friday evenings (6:30-9:15pm) and Saturdays (9am - 6pm) with livestream for global participation.

At the Nexus of Business, Data, and Technology

Business, Data, and Technology

Designed for Experienced Data, IT, & Business Analytics Professionals

In our innovative xMSBA program, we bring together knowledge from three fields—management, information systems/computer science, and applied statistics—to solve business problems. By combining leading edge data and technology skills with fundamental business skills, you will be able to enhance your value to your organization by making value-based decisions.

Taking the Classroom to the Workplace

Analytics Presentation

A Hands-on Approach to Learning

Project-based learning is at the heart of our xMSBA program. We make sure you’ll work with real data and actual clients as much as possible. From global residencies to the advanced business analytics practicum, gain a unique perspective and advanced understanding of how to leverage data and technology to solve business problems. And you'll be able to apply these lessons on the job the next day.


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