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We build strategic leaders ready to tackle the complex issues in healthcare through a focus on innovation, strategy, social enterprise, and experiential learning. By leveraging Emory University’s healthcare expertise, Atlanta’s rapidly growing healthcare ecosystem, and our team of world class educators specializing in the business of healthcare, Goizueta positions its graduates to step into strategic careers to create the healthcare of tomorrow.
  • A Reputation for Healthcare

    Number of top 25 ranked health-related schools at Emory, in addition to Goizueta. (Nursing, Public Health, Medicine)
  • A Top Career for MBA Alumni

    Percentage of MBA Alumni working in healthcare and life sciences
  • A City Focused on Healthcare

    Number of life science and healthcare companies in Georgia

The Benefits of the Healthcare Concentration

Sample Healthcare Courses

This course will provide students with an overview of the current structure in the healthcare industry and an understanding of the complex inter-relationships among the players in the industry. The course will explore the fundamental business models used by various players in the industry including providers, innovators, insurers, employers, and government regulators. Students will become familiarized with the economic incentives and important issues which must be addressed for individual players to create value in the U.S. healthcare system. Students will leave the course with the ability to frame the important questions required to evaluate potential business strategies and operational issues in each sector of the healthcare industry.

Faculty: Steve Culler, Affiliated Associate Professor of Finance

Research in fields of special interest or supervised study can be undertaken under the direction of a faculty member. These experiential and/or research based projects serve as a key experience for many MBA students interested in healthcare and are often keystone pieces of a resume focused on healthcare. While working with faculty, students first create their project scope and then conduct their projects throughout the semester for course credit. Past projects include evaluating healthcare delivery systems in foreign countries, revamping metrics for Emory's Winship Cancer Institute, and various process improvement projects for Emory Healthcare. For students looking to increase their healthcare experience or transition into a career in healthcare, the Directed Study is a signature offering.

Faculty: Various Professors

This course is designed to cover a number of complex challenges that leaders confront in trying to achieve a competitive advantage. The primary focus of this course is understanding, crafting, and implementing strategies within the healthcare and other industries. A sample of the advanced topics in strategy covered includes external analysis, organizational structure and its effect on performance, designing organizations for efficiency and improved outcomes, multidimensional performance measurement, acquisitions and alliances, vertical integration, leading strategic change, competitive intelligence, and network design.

Faculty: John Kim, Lecturer in Organization & Management

Goizueta IMPACT is the MBA program's signature approach to experiential learning, developed to build the bridge from theory to practice. The semester kicks off with IMPACT Boot Camp. Project teams launch and begin work with students putting problem-solving skills into action and faculty and external coaches providing support. Student teams present project recommendations and compete for the Goizueta Gold grand prize at Goizueta IMPACT Showcase Day. Client-sponsored IMPACT projects are available across a range of industries and functions including healthcare. To manage their project, student teams will need to define the problem or challenge; devise clear work plans; conduct due diligence; survey research and collect data; build models and analyze relevant information; extract insights; produce a final report; and present conclusions and recommendations to the client and an audience of industry professionals.

Faculty: Steve Culler, Affiliated Associate Professor of Finance

Goizueta students are eligible to take electives at Emory's Rollins School of Public Health, School of Law, or other Emory professional schools.


Key Initiatives

Improving the quality and delivery of healthcare while addressing its cost is a challenge for this and future generations. Business principles and approaches play a vital role in improving healthcare delivery domestically and around the world.

At Goizueta, we create valuable knowledge around the business of healthcare through industry-related research, partnering with corporations and the community, expanded class offerings and career opportunities, and impacting the sector's need for business acumen through a variety of programming.
  • Faculty Research

    Knowledge Creation
    Goizueta's world-renowned faculty members are pushing business and the business of healthcare forward researching human behavior, operations, information technology, and health policy.
  • Broad Focus

    Competitive Careers
    Our MBA candidates are highly competitive in top MBA internship and full-time roles within the healthcare sector. Join the robust network of Emory Alumni working in every area of healthcare from innovation, to medical supply strategy, corporate finance, hospital operations, and pharmaceutical marketing.
  • Choices of Study

    Options Across Programs and Paths
    At Goizueta, we offer a healthcare concentration for students in every program from healthcare innovation (BBA) to a healthcare consulting concentration (MBA) and a healthcare certificate (Executive MBA). Additionally, MBA students may pursue a dual degree in public health (MPH), medicine (MD), or physical therapy (DPT) from Emory University's elite institutions to pair with your MBA.
  • Real-World Opportunities

    Ties with Worldwide Healthcare Influence
    Goizueta partners with Emory and Atlanta resources to host topical events on future trends in the healthcare industry and provide experiential learning opportunities for students. Additionally, the Goizueta Healthcare Association hosts monthly events to foster networking, learning, and connection in the larger Atlanta healthcare community. Around campus, students are involved in many projects including the Emory Biotechnology Consulting Club (EBCC), Institute for Healthcare Improvement projects (IHI), Advancing Healthcare Innovation in Africa (AHIA), and participate in Emory's Global Health Institute's annual case competition.

Goizueta Healthcare Faculty

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