Social Enterprise @ Goizueta

Social Enterprise @ Goizueta

The Business of Social Impact

Social Enterprise @ Goizueta (SE@G) is an action-oriented research center within Emory’s Goizueta Business School that combines academic research with fieldwork programs and student activities to create better markets, support stronger communities and develop next-generation social innovators. Our mission is to make markets work for more people, in more places, and in more ways.
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    Number of social impact concentrations for business school students (Social Enterprise and Nonprofit)
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    Number of students enrolled annually in annually across in social impact courses and travel modules
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    Social Enterprise BBA and MBA Fellows (BBA and MBA) graduates since 2014 pursuing impact careers
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    Number of accelerator programs from around the world participating in the Entrepreneurship Database program
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    Number of local small businesses accelerated by taking part in Start:ME since 2013
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    Number of research papers and projects initiated by faculty and students

Entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers driving social change today require a new set of business knowledge, skills, and experiences to be effective.

We develop the next generation of social innovators through both traditional coursework and experiences including Latin America travel modules, consulting projects, global feasibility studies, mentorship, social enterprise fellowships, and student clubs/activities.

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Start:ME Accelerator

Business acumen not the only thing delivered by program

The Start:ME program provides select business owners with know-how, mentorship support, and early-stage capital. A total of $31,500 was awarded to entrepreneurs April 9, with recipients decided by peer voting.

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