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Roberto C. Goizueta Business & Society Institute

Solving Society's Challenges Together

The Roberto C. Goizueta Business & Society Institute believes that business and society working collectively can deliver an equitable and climate-smart world. Launching March 2021, the institute builds upon the success of Social Enterprise @ Goizueta and its programs from 2009-2020. Made possible by the investment of The Goizueta Foundation, the institute marks the next chapter of the Goizueta Business School’s social impact-focused initiatives emphasizing the most pressing challenges facing both business and society, inequality, and climate change.

Our Mission

To transform business to build a more equitable and climate-smart world through cutting-edge research, innovative programming, and principled leadership.

Our Work

We deliver on our commitment to transforming business through action:
  • Research

    We deliver cutting-edge interdisciplinary study that explores connections between business practices, market structures and social outcomes.
  • Programs

    We put research into action through innovative programs that create better markets and stronger communities both here in Atlanta and globally with a focus on microbusiness development, specialty coffee markets, and next generation leadership.
  • Teaching

    We develop next generation systems thinkers and problem solvers through coursework and hands-on experiences including global travel modules, consulting projects, mentorship, fellowships, and more.
  • Convening

    We create spaces for dialogue, debate, and solutions through community events, practitioner conferences, and other activities.
  • Thought Leadership

    We create and share content that challenges narratives and inspires action including books, articles, op-eds, and more.
  • Relevant Study

    Social impact courses offered as part of social enterprise and nonprofit concentrations
  • Curriculum in Action

    Students enrolled annually across in social impact courses and Global Experiential Modules
  • Developing Talent

    Social Enterprise BBA and MBA Fellows (BBA and MBA) graduates since 2014
  • Connecting Globally

    Accelerator programs from around the world participating in the Entrepreneurship Database program
  • Building Community

    Local small businesses accelerated by Start:ME since 2013
  • Knowledge Creation

    Research papers and projects initiated by faculty and students




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