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Goizueta faculty deliver relevant coursework related to business-government relations topics on campus and in conjunction with The Washington Campus Programs and other classes.

The Real Game of Thrones

Emerson Riback
Emerson Riback 19BBA

How the U.S. Can Retain Primacy Over China in New Era of Great Power Competition

The world is undergoing tectonic, geopolitical shifts not seen in a generation. The unipolar moment that defined the post-Cold War world has come to an unspectacular end. As U.S. relative power declines, Europe remains stagnant, and China continues its rise, a new approach to U.S. grand strategy is urgently required to navigate and influence the new world order. The prevailing U.S. strategy to pursue liberal hegemony is no longer feasible, neither politically nor in actuality. Rather, a new U.S. grand strategy must be designed through an updated recognition of the United States’ current and future vital interests, a realistic assessment of its power in the coming multipolar world, and a clear-eyed understanding of how China’s rise reshapes the global, geopolitical chessboard.


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Variety of research opportunities available for student fellows

One opportunity the Program provides is the ability for students to work as research fellows who are able to conduct research on various topics, ranging from social mobility to tracking the economic progress of countries in emerging markets.