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Making and delivering good products and services isn’t enough in today’s global business environment. Learn how to create operational efficiency through business innovation, wise technology investment, and human-centered workplace policies to transform your organization's growth.

Upcoming Operations Courses

Shift the mindset of your organization to embrace creativity as a business competency. This course provides you with frameworks to build new customer-centric solutions to problems that meet real-world needs in ways you never imagined.

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Gain insights for solving messy, unstructured challenges with no clear “right answer.” You will emerge with expertise managing the process of problem solving in a structured manner, from framing the problem to communicating a compelling case for action.

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Build skills to align your organization’s operations with its strategy to provide the fuel for achieving your goals through operational efficiency and excellence.

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Learn to maximize negotiation outcomes by building a winning proposition for both sides as you uncover methods for successful conflict resolution. You will also gain insight into cultural differences in the negotiation process.

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