Heidi Laki Photo
MBA (Two-Year), 2016

Heidi Laki

Associate Director, Vista Equity Partners
Consulting Services


After working in the Peace Corps, the experience Heidi gained from the learning activities in her MBA program boosted her business knowledge exponentially. As part of a student-led team in her marketing strategy field elective, she learned just how thorny complex business problems could be — and how to work through them.

"Our team had some tough conversations and prioritized what was most valuable to the client," Heidi says. "Later as a McKinsey intern, I found myself repeatedly reflecting on my MBA project experience to guide my business decisions. The learning approach at Goizueta was the perfect practice for my internship and enabled me to succeed."

During her internship, Heidi made frequent use of what she'd learned and practiced, resulting in a full-time job offer from her internship at McKinsey. If practice makes perfect, Heidi is more than prepared to tackle any challenges she may face in her job or career.