MBA (Two-Year), 2017

Diana Koucheravy

Senior Marketing Strategy Analyst, UPS


Prior to enrolling at Goizueta, Navy veteran Diana Kourcheravy had spent nearly eight years leading teams large and small. While she had a wealth of experience in leadership, she felt an MBA would add the foundational knowledge she would need in the corporate world. Because Goizueta’s Two-Year program compresses its core curriculum, Diana can take more electives—in finance, strategy, accounting, and other areas—that give her the breadth of knowledge needed to be a well-rounded and effective leader in her chosen field of operations management.

In her first year here, she found nearly unlimited access to her professors, who have served as valuable mentors and counselors in her career search. While she initially underestimated just how much she would learn from team-based projects, she was thrilled to pick up effective skills and techniques that her classmates had acquired in their own pre-MBA careers.

Before she arrived on campus, Diana’s CMC career coach helped her begin the process of revising her resume and preparing for internship interviews—giving her dates and locations of major career conferences in the process so that she could begin interviewing in the fall. Diana sees the CMC’s early focus on internship recruitment as a unique benefit of Goizueta, and attributes the multiple internship offers she received as proof. It’s just one of the ways
Goizueta ensures that our students move into the workforce shipshape.