Alexa Newfield
Two-Year MBA, 2021

Alexa Newfield

Investment Banking Associate - Leveraged Finance, Bank of America


As a former professional soccer player, Alexa Newfield knew it would be a challenge to enter the business world and find success starting a new career. “I was very attracted to Goizueta's intimate learning environment. I knew I had a lot to learn and felt this close-community feel from a small class would allow lots of individual interaction with professors and provide the ability to build close personal connections with my classmates.”

Emory offered firsthand experience through Goizueta IMPACT, allowing Alexa to solve real-world business problems with clients. “As I had never worked on a ‘real client project’ before, I felt this was a great way to get my feet wet and get a feel for problem solving within a company while still having the safety cushion of being in school and with a professor to help guide at any stalwarts.”

Alexa also discovered several opportunities to help her grow as a leader, including as a Delta Air Lines Leadership Coaching Fellow. The program enabled Alexa to work with a first-year core team teaching her the difference between giving advice and coaching. “The Leadership Coaching Fellowship has taught me how to attempt to help the first years figure out answers for themselves. I think this is an important aspect of leadership going forward into the corporate world, to make sure you are not just bossing your teammates around even if you know the answer.”

Alexa found a welcoming and supportive community at Goizueta as she navigated the transition into the corporate world. Professors took time to help refine her skills so she could apply them towards her goal of working in investment banking. “This was instrumental for me realizing that my goal of landing an investment banking internship was not far-fetched and that I was actually well-equipped to do so. Many of the professors have excelled in the occupations that students are striving to build a career in and do everything they can to help maximize each students’ skillset to best achieve their goals.”