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This STEM-designated master's degree in finance puts theory into practice daily. Built by those who understand this industry from the inside out, the program combines the strategic and technical expertise needed of next gen finance professionals. You’ll gain deep understanding from action-based learning and then put that knowledge into practice. When you aren’t learning from experts or exchanging ideas with peers in the classroom, you’ll dive into ongoing analyst immersions that take you into the Finance Lab, spending Fridays "on the job," and completing client projects.

How We Do It

  • Start the right way

    The program begins with learning how the global markets and trade really work. From there, you'll dive into topics of increasing complexity, building a strong foundation in trading products, investment strategies, and modeling, while allowing you to dig deeply into the analytics and tech. R Studio, Python, and Power BI — you’ll learn how to leverage the latest tools and software.
  • Active learning

    Put your skills to the test in our interactive, professional finance trading floor. The Finance Lab gives you instant, 24/7-access to experience the pace of live global markets and build proficiency in professional industry platforms such as Bloomberg, Factset, and Refinitiv. We’ll take you into financial hubs around the globe. Pitches, strategy sessions, analysis — learn it by doing it.
  • Real-world immersion

    Our unique program design includes internship-style work experience built into the program. Every Friday is spent “on the job” training as an analyst. Network while collaborating with global practitioners via live video conferencing. Tackle a specialized client project that challenges you to apply your knowledge and prove your ingenuity in real-time for real clients.

Human Intelligence + The Power of Deep Data

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Internship-Equivalent Experience

The Finance Lab

The Finance Lab serves as the central hub for immersive, real-world learning. It enables 24/7 access to global markets and the experience of trading products in real time in a professional trading floor setting. You will leverage state-of-the-art tools, real-time market data, and trading platforms to model, trade, and collaborate with your fellow students and industry practitioners. Fridays spent "on the job" will be spent in the lab solving real world problems in each industry sector and completing real client projects. The real-time setting, topics, and format of Fridays jumpstart your career.

Where STEM Meets Wall Street

Wall Street

A deep understanding of finance with wide-open opportunities

The Master of Analytical Finance program mirrors on-the-job experience. You’ll participate in the working life of a Wall Street analyst rotating through four divisions of a top-tier global bank or fund. You’ll make market calls, research and trade recommendations, and pitch strategic data-driven initiatives that add societal value. By program’s end, you’ll gain exposure to a variety of workstreams within a global financial institution, earn your professional licensing, and experience client exposure through projects, off-site visits, and a mentor program. All the while, you’ll find your best fit within your chosen finance specialty.

Your path to Master of Analytical Finance

Our modern curriculum combines deep insights into modern finance with practical know-how. In 10 months, you'll complete four rotations and be guided through the foundations of finance topics with increasing complexity, starting with how the global markets work and what asset classes are traded worldwide. As you gain expertise, you’ll explore trading strategies, asset management, risk management, and FinTech innovative techniques, with the flexibility to specialize in cutting-edge industry areas such as environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) investing, algorithmic trading, and FinTech innovations.
  • August Orientation

  • Finance Prep

    Get up to speed
    During orientation we ensure sure you have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of business, technology, business statistics, and business math. Think of it as a as rapid knowledge infuser designed to bring you up to speed.
  • Fall Semester

  • Rotation 1

    Global markets
    Dig into how the global markets work, how the financial system operates, and track how real-world news and events are driven by finance fundamentals. Get ready for weekly bank-style market update calls, idea pitches, and research reports that bring you into the experience. Your classes — such as Corporate Finance and Investment Banking and Equities and Derivatives — immerse you in the world of finance.
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  • Off-Site Trek

    Visit financial capitals
    See first-hand how markets work. Off-site treks to financial hubs such as New York City and London provide an inside look at global banks, stock markets, and investment firms.
  • Rotation 2

    Sales, trading, and asset portfolios
    Learn the products and how they work. Explore current market conditions. Experience how ethics and regulations help investors operate in a global marketplace. Discover what can go wrong and how to pivot. Directly commit capital and pitch investment ideas. By the end of this rotation, you’ll have completed some of your professional licensing and CFA prep.
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  • Winter Break

  • Fast-Track Internship

    Get exposure in the field
    Take the opportunity to complete a fast-track internship (virtual or in person) with an external firm over the winter break.
  • Spring Semester

  • Team Allocations

    Get ready to do the work
    During the spring semester rotations, you will spend time in two teams — the Asset Management Team and the Global Leadership Team. This is meant to re-create the working environment in a financial institution.
  • Rotation 3

    Asset Management Team
    Advise investors on actively managed strategies across asset classes to build portfolios and manage capital. Use cutting-edge innovation and financial technology to capture value and deliver customer-driven results. Dig into strategy specialties such as ESG, emerging markets, and digital currencies. Leverage your knowledge and assess the risks in a targeted client project that delivers returns on actively managed client-driven investment portfolios and products.
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  • Rotation 4

    Global Leadership Team
    Develop strategies to deploy capital to make the world a better place. Pitch a strategic, data-driven initiative as a force for good. Manage and allocate risks across the banking enterprise. Craft corporate hedge strategies for procurement of goods, services, and cross-currency trading. Innovate FinTech solutions. During this rotation's client project, you'll deliver client-oriented solutions with actionable risk/reward assessments.
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  • Program Graduation

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